Imperatives about Genocide

Apparently the Security Council is so paralized by self interest and an interest in creating a judicial system that they are incapable of reacting to genocide before it is a completed event to be lamented.
I myself have never really understood why Israel does not take a leadership role.
It seems disingenious for them not to take a leadership role in these instances as Rwanda was, medicine and the Sudan is now.
In the case of Transcendian warriors I would ask them if they wanted to go and protect strangers for no other reason than they needed protection, viagra and if they did want to go I would support them in the interests of securing a safe airport in the region that all could use.
There is a line of contention in my thinking as far as the original anarchy of Transcendia is concerned.
However I do know that I am not safe, and my children are not safe, and that even Quakers were tempted to defend their children through ethical offense.

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