Transcendia Has A Store

Now Transcendia has a store on
So far I have spent about a hundred and fifty bucks on it myself buying tee shirts, recipe buttons, ed and sweatshirts with the Transcendian Flag on them.
Last time I made tee shirts with the flag on them I barely broke even due to my natural generosity, apoplectic and some debts.
If any of you Transcendians also buy clothing and whatnot, let me know if you have any complaints.
One of my big complaints lately has been the consistent misuse and abuse of Anarchy. I wrote Bush and the First Lady a couple of postcards with the Transcendian Flag on them telling them that Democracy is not the only worthy governmental system.
Godwin Anarchy puts Defense of the Nation First, Education of the populace, citizens, second, and depends on participation to one purpose for its success.
The one purpose for Transcendians is to make the Country, and keep remaking it.
The United States seems to be devolving into an Anarchy in the worst usage of the word. The American Republican Party seems to me to be attempting to turn the entire nation into Texas in the 1840s.
They seem to be having a good more success than is healthy for Americans, or anyone else in the world.
Of course the EU and the UN, in vying for control of the world and its wealth, have an interest in draining the United States of its wealth and power.
Transcendia is a very weak nation, incapable of rescuing its citizens from threats harm, and legal actions on the part of other nations and states.
Much of what Transcendia stands for is anithetical to the beliefs and goals of the current agenda of the leaders of the United States.
The endemic corruption of the United Nations is illustrated starkly, in that it has not changed as the times have changed and implemented an independently controlled army that has been despatched to an identified Genocide immediately.
Where is Israel?
This American Ally really would get a bit better treatment at the hands of their enemies and friends if they would lead more in these instances as have occured to create their nation as a reaction to these instances of Genocide.
In the meantime it would be helpful for Transcendians to buy clothing with the Flag on it, for even an anarchy needs a treasury.
Eventually I hope Transcendia will be able to sell its citizens the best in non-lethal weaponry.
I herein invite a link to companies that sell Tasers and netguns, and tell you all that you have a right and duty to defend yourselves. More than one cop has compared himself to a garbage collector, and it is true that they too often are called to simply pick up the pieces.
Every Transcendian is encouraged to carry at all times a weapon for defense of themselves their families, and the defenseless who may be near them in a hostile situation.
Money is a tool, and it is not how much you have but, what you do with it that is important.
I have indicated to my Systems Administrator that I want Transcendia to have the most perfect and powerful computer in the World, though I recognize that that is a failed idea and that the great idea is existant in the possible achievement of the goal enabled by the internet and the web since that means that in numbers the computers would add up to power if moved towards the goals of Transcendia, which are nothing less than insuring the graduation of Mankind into a Big Time Species.
Tents are the equivalent of Space Stations in Transcendian thinking. Too bad I do not yet have a Transcendian Tent available.
Please support the French UN Association and recognize that the UN is important, but needs to be changed as Andre` Lewin has recognized and laid out most clearly and sensibly.
Nations of the EU, who have achieved a comfortable level of overall educational achievement common to their citizens do have a tendency to wonder why Americans believe in things that are not supportable by evidence.
An ignorant Gorilla blundering around in the world blinded and distracted by the sting of a bee will kill some enemy, but frighten its friends enough that they will withdraw from even trying to calm it.
Please help Transendia become stronger in whatever way you think best.
Love- Russell

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