"My Dad is God, and I don’t have to lie about anything!"
          Since Tom died I have been thinking of what it means to live and die and what sort of obituary I might want, and I told my daughter that if she gets a chance to come to the memorial service I want her to say something for people about me.    I said that I was to be used for parts and otherwise whatever was left was to be used for science.
         So the plan for my dead body is that it be donated all around.
         My suicide plan is to drive to the emergency room and shoot myself in the head with a good donor card in my pocket  so that I wouldn’t spoil.
         Obviously there is a difference between the mind and the brain and when you throw out a computer it is a good idea to destroy the harddrive.
        If it comes to pass that my brain would be useful as a wiped harddrive I suppose I ought to just take drugs when it is time to check out.
        In this country, the USA, that I live in, suicide is the mandate for the uninsured.    It is insured as passive and active and all the same reality.   There are nations that are more ethical of the shared experience of the physical life that may well be something eternal, but my soul will not have proof of unless all of consciousness is like watching movies of living people when you are not.
        The metaphor of light as used in St. John in the Bible, and the known physics of light do imply that it is possible to have ancestors who watch us.
        I do think that dead people ought to be photographed soon after death so that people who need the closure can see the body in a dead state.   This photograph is the sort of thing that must be done well.    There ought to be a color and a black and white of the same definitive photograph.
        There is a good deal that can be told from the skin color of a dead body that would be as good over time as an autopsy. 
        So, obviously I have been thinking about death.
        I have decided that want I want to die with is integrity and I have determined that God gives me the power to tell the truth about all things internal and external and what I want to die with is integrity.
                                                                                                     Love, Russell    

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