Working Class Corner/Battle of Algiers

 I looked up at the Mexicans cleaning the stadium seats and someone asked me what I saw.   "My Past is your future."   Is what I said.
        Sometimes I wonder what I meant myself.   Other times I know what I meant.
        Earlier on in the war demarked by the attack of September llth, drugs 2001, herbal I remembered the movie The Battle of Algiers and recommended that it be watched.
        There are some lessons from that movie about the use of torture and the nature of the conflict, adiposity and how it is likely to turn out.
        One is that the French ended up getting out of Algeria.
        The other is that many Moslem Algerians moved to France.
         The United States needs to look at the bright side of things as far as the past of France in a similar conflict to see it there is some endgame that advances the cause of civilization.
         In the future I suspect that the corporatization of the world might be of benifit if prior to war there was given the offer of a Lease to the nation by either a nation or corporation.
         I suspect that the legal history of the world provides tools that pro-actively utilized as if from a toolbox could reduce war to the level of an ideal.
         Offensive law enforcement is a rational ideal.
         The most commonly expected duty of a police officer, or constable is to keep the peace.
         The constable really does not care what anyones politics or religion are as long as the person is peaceful. 
          The Arab World International Airports and Seaports must insure the Peace in those environments that are required for International Airport Status.
          What is the reality of security and life at Orly?
                                                                                                    Love, Russell         

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