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The Future Shows up In Toy Stores.

          If you want to know what the commercial trends are, and guide your investments, go to the toy store.   There will be the eternal toys, like rubber balls, and then there will be toys that may become eternal toys like the water pressure rocket that has been around for 50 years.   Frisbees have been around for a good while now.

          For a good while I have believed that robots are upcoming as transformational products in the toys.   The robot vacum cleaner and the robot lawn mower would represent good investment to me.   Or in other words if I was able to buy stocks with some expectation of dividend return or salablity of the stock at a profit, I would buy robotic stocks.

        I think bio tech stocks will of course do well, but that since this is well known, there are not as many prospects for real deals in the sector.    The development of practical exoskeletons is an area of robotics with very real prospects for utility and will become more ubitqutious in material moving applications in the near future.

         If I was President of Clark Forklift Company I would be doing all I could to lock down distribution within my network of exoskeltons for applications such as sheetrock delivery and brick stacking.

         Excess Power is necessary for civilization, and Transcendia plans now to eventually sell in our stores on the website the best in batteries.    I’d like to make a solar power recharging unit for battery packs as a combo myself. 

                                                                                                     Love, Russell         

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