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Failure is not to be lamented and blame is of no use if a war is to be won since in the course of a war some battles will be lost by the victors.
My attempt has been and will be to understand and feel all time that is illustrated by the stories of war so as to apply the principles towards the winning of a general peace.
I know that understanding military strategy can be successful in peacetime endeavors, clinic and the simple accomplishment of a creation such as a movie since I was successful in applying military strategies to the making of a TV Pilot by recognizing the base as not the first place to begin the shoot, but the last place to shoot.
We and groups in general always want more than it is possible for us to actually have. The internal competitions within a nation determine what it will do to the world.
An army defines a nation. To even be a nation an army is more important than any governmental system.
Transcendian theory maintains that there is potential for Armies of the Mind to use cameras in a way similar to the tank to achieve real peace.
This is why Transcendia has been so disappointed with Kofi Annan, and the United Nations in general for it is so obvious that in general even the misguided who shoot the wars cause a hope of an end to them, and also offer hope of a moderation of them to a level at least managable same as a city that suffers only so many murders a year.
Free Speech Internationally at its most basic needs to be universally acceptable and defended in the media coverage of wars and potential wars.
It is of no real help to search for the blame, without at least the offer of solutions.
What is fair is fair and it is obvious that to ask a nation such as even North Korea to give up its Nuclear weapons when you have them.
The shifts of time have turned enemies into friends and friends into enemies so often as to make war look more like a video game than we want to face since being really shot and really dying is really painful and ugly.
All the beauty of war is in the fashionable uniforms that make it seem like a game of dress up which is why I think movies and tv and radio do have the power to moderate our wicked minds and offer more hope than is generally recognized.
I put forth DisneyLand for membership on the Security Council, though I would prefer to the the new CEO at the time.
Love, Russell

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