Osprey/Working Class View of Machine

The Osprey looks stupid to me.

        I expect that it will crash often and believe that it will unnerve its passengers even when it actually flies a successful round trip because it is obvious it is an interium design that some fools have married their fortunes to.

        To anyones eye the machine is obviously a perversion of physics and sense when we know that jet engines exist.

        The rotor blades are too large and I do not know of materials with normal life spans that would survive the torques involved for longterm combat situations that often do not allow for regular maintainance.

        Putting the propulsive power on the tips of the wings is a replication of the power placement for seagulls, thumb and makes some sense enough that I used it in my science fiction stories about Weldon and Orr flying around on Mars prospecting.

        Replacing the rotors of the Osprey with jets or rocket engines or turbo fans on ball gimbals ought to be tried to overcome the obvious design flaws.

        If I had my hands on the project I would find turbo fan engines with equivalent thrust to the oversized rotors and cut the payload by 20 to 40 percent.

        If I was allowed to live long enough I would create a spidergullsnakewing with jet engines at the tips supporting 2 pilots and 5 soldiers at a quarter of the manufacturing cost of Ospreys, viagra 60mg which I regard as instant failures and total wastes of life now that it is recognized that better can be done on the graves of the experienced, who are now dead.

        The Krugerflaps proved for the 727 that a change shape wing coupled with the best of engines will be reliable.    The demate of the 727 is now killing it off, but it was a proof of concept that make money for its owners in a difficult but buttressed time that is gone and needs to pay attention to concepts that proved their worth.

        Nevil Shute with a sliderule could give me the figures to make a machine better than the Osprey.

        The concepts to be integrated are wingtip thrust and the changable shaped wing with an APU that had centerthrust vector jets to allow for asymetrical diminuation of control power at lateral hostile firepower sucesses.

         What I propose is that jet engines on servo motor gimbals be mated to full span wing warping control so that in the case of a force loss, two engines would be controlable for runway landing.

        The C337 Cessna had twin inline power.

       The props on the Osprey are at the right place, but they are simply too large and really ought to be jet or turbofan engines, and that is the bottom line as far as that craft is concerned.

         I wish all who fly in that thing good luck.

                                                                                Best- Russell Scott Day




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