InUglyPeopleActUglyregardless or Utility of Infrastructure

In Ugly Places People Learn To Do Ugly Things

       The Black Panthers I knew said that it was not about race, but about class. 

I am in agreement with this.

       How you get into the class you want to be in, instead of the class you were born in depends on both luck, and work.   In fact to be in the class you want to be in is same as to be a king.

       One becomes a king through either inheritance, or vision, or by killing the other king.

       The categories of class are high class, middle class, low class and working class otherwise known as aristocracy, bourgeoisie, and proletariate.

       In fact the proletariate, or working class as aristocrats are more likely to make practical decisions the best inline with transcendent ideals.

      For me Harry Truman and Ulysees S. Grant illustrate working men who did the best possible with the people around them to win wars.

       Of course you will be attacked if you are weak.

       Roosevelt did react to the depression by basically ordering people to work building an infrastructure of power plants and roads.   Maybe that was Hoover?   At anyrate the lesson is that even if you are corrupt or flawed you will benefit your people by your programs and policies if you cause the building of infrastructures.

       In this time of chaos and natural and manmade attacks on working people, working people do need to at least fund the design of an infrastructure that makes work honored and secure regardless of the religions around.

       I like my religion.   Well I sort of like it.

       I have not been to church for a couple of years since the Bishop dissed me over the service I wanted to do as I was given permission to do it and did it for my wedding.

       Throw the I Ching and read the Reading for the Day.

       That is my amazing service from two very good books.    I am open to trying it with the Koran, but in fact would prefer to do it with the three books instead of with the I Ching and the Koran.

       I could make a very good case for Muslims to try reading the reading for the day and the reading from the I Ching and the reading for the day from the Koran together as one Buddist sort of transcendent definition of what the day was.

      Now I have to think about Maritime Law.

      To me terrorists and pirates are similar enough that the laws that apply to pirates in international waters are most likely to be correct internationally when applied to suicide bombers and their support system.

       We do know that suicide bombers are an arm of our enemies.

        I am speaking from the point of view of the working class, when I say "our".

       If you work for a living and pray when you do it that you will get another day to work to provide for your family, than as far as I can tell that is as ethical a life to have.

     My morality recommends working and enabling others to work, and after that I don’t really know much.

                                                          Love, Russell Scott Day



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