Spirit Season/Working Class Corner

Vision Truth Poem

I feel as if I ought to be ashamed

of understanding life

and death

and the difference.

Eternal life actually has its ups and downs.

The spirit in a body turns into a soul

and then resides in the Aleph,

Or what I call Transcend-O-Ray.

I loved with all my heart to find out.

My loving spidermate ate me,

Turning me into a survivor of heartbreak.

Now I forgive most every word,

For I have said them all as well,

Well, except for one sentence said to me sincerely that I hated.

 -She said she was better than me.

This really pissed me off.

I bought a passport and a pistol

To make myself feel better.

I had those legal rights all along

but hadn’t gotten around to proving it.

I really wish there was a Strip Joint next to the bank.

Naked women are so interesting.

God never made anything more beautiful than a naked woman.

-The pilot said.

It is nice and soothing and makes me smile to watch them dance with company dressed,


and looking up as in Billy Rays up on 27 or so.

I would love to see the girl I called an ignorant bitch

dancing naked and not saying anything

before I went home to my wife

who is so well educated.

I’ve know guys that did that sort of thing in Fort Lauderdale

under the landing pattern and by the Drive In.

years ago.

I am so sorry that I enjoy being a bit of an animal.

Sorry I snarl now and then.

It would be nice if you would shut up and undress.

There is something to like about everyone.

I’d like to see pictures of naked nuns.

The Pope naked with a big hat fucking them would interest me.

Obviously my humor is perverted.

How dare I think of such an image.

What would the blind think?

I need to listen to them.

                                                            Scott Day


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