Is Peter Dead?

Got an email from Peter Eichenberger saying he was in a terrible jam somewhere and needed some money.  I'd not heard from Peter in years now.  About 6 months ago a girl told me he was dead.  I was not particularly surprised since we had all read of his adventures and opinions in the Independent up to through and after his bicycle crash.

I liked Peter quite a lot actually.  We'd met down in Wilmington both writers nosing around in the local moviemaking capital of that time.  We were both motorcyclists at the time so meet on the street as riders who naturally start conversations over their motorcycles.  A nickname for Peter Eichenberger among other bikers was Peter Crashenberger, for sale for he often crashed his Moto Guzzi.  Ironic that he bashed his head up so bad on the lowly bicycle.  He himself reported in the papers his incredible alcohol level at the time.

I myself squirmed to read the number, and as it was 2.60 or something like that, cialis way the hell up there.

You know I'd rather he was alive, but he's not, and it pisses me off assholes try and scam money out of people with this sort of email.  Gangsters run rampant in cyberworld.  When not scamming they are running protection rackets.  Seems like the FBI is supposed to protect the US Mail.  Why they don't protect our email is beyond me.  The mercenary spyware et al industry goes either way like really bad mercenaries.  They have little idealistic mission statement, and take advantage of regulatory lassitude on the part of responsible institutions.

Leadership of and by the ideal is what is legitimate "Top Down" direction within a Bureaucratic Institution.  The mission is more important really than the rules.  I take this lesson from Edward Hallet Karr, the political scientist.  It is out of his short essay: A Critique of Realism, and an important read for anyone grappling with issues of government and leadership.

I believe Peter is dead.  It pisses me off some jackass has crawled in some computer and is sending out letters under his name.   In the US isn't the FBI supposed to be in charge of counter espionage?  Sometimes I myself don't know the right agency to call.  I sure don't have time to call and write everybody about everything.

Maybe I'll just call 911 and tell 'em I'm getting mail from dead people.

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