Why I Fought For IGX

It is still there, apoplectic | but terribly wasted for the local Orange County citizens common interests.  At the core I do mean their important economic interests are not at all advanced by it as is run and controlled and promised by UNCH to be crushed not only for the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, allergist but for the entire county.

You can go on and on about sources of work for the people, order but the long and short of it all is that towns and cities that do not operate as ports are weaker than those that do.

The University has a legitimate role in advancing and maintaining intellectual achievements, and the life of the mind.  But to tell the truth I am angered that what I know to be a vital part of any economies transportation infrastructure is being misused and destroyed where I live and try to make a living, and help others make a living.

The situation in Chapel Hill regarding the Local Community Airport is unique in the US, if not the world. Most everywhere else airports are run for the benefit of the citizens by their County Airport Authority.   The University and the State of North Carolina know that by law IGX is a State Owned Local Community Airport, and that it's ownership by the University is a legacy and tradition of ivory tower power unparalleled.

I sort of wonder what they really teach over there if they are so hell bent on destroying what has long benefited the interests of the University.  Many successful Alumni for years have flown in for Basketball Games, given money to the RAMs Club, and flown out.  I see nothing wrong at all with this.  I like the idea of wealthy well educated successful people coming town.  Maybe I can sell 'em a better plane, or some insurance for the one they have, or take a picture of them to make a living.

I've been more complete in other writings here, or in the local papers about what it means to the health of the community to have its own little airport.  Since the economic downturn bit by bit local businesses have suffered.  Many individuals both in and out of the University have lost their sources of satisfying work.  Regardless of limits of water or geography you need a diverse economy.

It is ironic as well that the Universities Tar Heel Temps was shut down when money started drying up.  Its offices were basically across the street from IGX.  There are some smart educated people that could have been flown out to work from IGX put on high paying jobs in the nation or world on moments notice.  Freelance work can be like that.  Sometimes you need to go on a moments notice and buy underwear when you get a chance.

These concepts about why you need to tolerate the sounds of aircraft as explained in Aerotropolis apply just as much to IGX, as they do to RDU, or LGA, or Heathrow, or FMY.

Transcendia is a Grand plan, and is the soul of Aerotropolis.  Its got a very good flag to follow too… 

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