Scattershot Concerns

The reality is that now fixing up one nation means fixing up basic rights for individuals in all nations.  It is foolish to think any longer that isolation will work out as most beneficial.

War is a constant state of affairs, check and is better recognized as such.

Currently it for the US is definitely at a higher level on too many fronts to be sustainable.

The benefit of the execution of Osama Bin Laden's execution is most glaring as recommending hit teams.  Still these hit teams will require jump off points that are secure.

Building on what is working well in our worldwide civilization ICAO standards offer a minimum infrastructure of airports from which to operate.  The UN's Declaration of Human Rights is to be observed at least on International Airports.  From what I know it often is properly observed even in nations which do not observe human rights as completely off the airport grounds.

For instance I am not wild about China's record on Human Rights, symptoms nor the records of many other nations, but would not hesitate to do business on the airport in Hong Kong.

In the case of constant war, and what it is for, as a bald simple thing, right war is for Universal Human Rights, and the measure of a nation, is whether or not women are persecuted or not. 

Money is a very powerful tool for both good and bad.

Metal money has intrinsic value since it can be turned into a tool, or a jewel.  Paper money has floundered around since Nixon divorced it from the Gold Standard.

I think your life is valuable, and that the reflection of that is the Whole Life Insurance policies.  Moving towards a system of capitalism that gives parity to the working classes with the "owner, capitalists",  insuring all your citizens from birth creates wealth.

What we all want, rich and poor is to feel like a dollar is a dollar.  If it aint worth much, or we don't really know one way or another what it is worth, we are not sure how we are best to spend it.

North Korea gets food to keep it from blowing off atomic weapons.  This is not particularly great.

Mr. President Carter of the US past is determined that we must give North Korea food.

As a hard enough man I am very inclined to send live dogs from Humane Society shelters, partly to make some points about simply everything at once, like some permutation of a physics quest for the unified field theory.  Vectors Calculus may well produce an equation for this sort of thinking.

In relation to US conflict with Iran, which gave us our world of today, I think we really really need to recognize that Iranians are very poetic, and like a good joke.

Of nations that would really appreciate being bombed with flower petals out of SR 71s or high flying fast bomber drones, Iran is the one.

So then, what needs to happen is that in all nations the cultural floor must give equality to women, or suffer their loss of International Civil Aviation Organization certification for their International Airports.

The current tactic for Transcendia globally is to get good working passport offices on all properly performing international airports.

Transcendia, has stopped issuing passports until at least one office is functional enough to in good faith do what needs to be done for maintaining the respect for the traveler.

I really am not fanatical about defending any particular nation, but with defending and advancing civilization itself.

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