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The Transcendian Party position on Weapons of Mass Destruction is that no individual, clinic band, tribe, chiefdom, or state will be allowed to have weapons of mass destruction.  This is for the good of all the people who are the backbone of all nations wealth in labor.

I will support, and I want my party members to support enforceable elimination of the insulting threat of weapons of mass destruction.

If warriors who love humanity and their class enough to follow our flag into secret battle, and possibly kill or die in the righteous struggle of our class to stop the insults to us who do honest work, I'll spend money to support them knowing that it will cost what it costs and take what it will take.

In the US I am leading a counter attack in the Economic War against the lobbyist Gorver Norquist.  My aim is to have those who pledged an oath to him and his money relieved of their seats by the Super Committee Deadline, which Transendia Engineers and Talent will take as a real deadline.

If by then the State and Federal offices of the FBI, and Attorney Generals have not acted I direct heavy well dressed squads of 5 to go on with tactically thought out and planned offensive actions such as forcible removal from the seats occupied with actors engaged in Economic destruction of the US.

We must also make ourselves known in the halls of the UN.  For leverage I know where to have pictures in the night taken.

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