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You are being sold out and told there is nothing you can do until the next election.  We are being told the President will do what he can do as an executive, impotent and otherwise wait for the next election.

This is not at all true for in front of all in the world economic warfare is being fought in Congress, symptoms and the US is being repeatedly stabbed to death in front of us, and we can stop it legally and by force if it comes to that.

Look at the Criminal Complaint I wrote on my Founder of Transcendia facebook page, and file it with your State Attorney General listing the criminals operating under the name of your state.  File it at the same time with Eric Holder.

Right now I have been put on the run around circular file path, and I refuse to put up with being ground down anymore.

The Force Option is to send replacements to Congress right away for the obstructionists, with the criminal complaint in hand, and file it with Congress and the Senate and suit a replacement to take over the seat.

Frankly we need to determine who hasn't signed the "Norquist Nation" Pledge, otherwise known as Pledge to Americans for Tax Reform used as an excuse to criminally do material damage to the US, and is in line of succession for the seat.  Stopping the stabbing is our duty now.

Leastways if we are US citizens, which Transcendians still are, mostly.

Be cheery.  We do not have to buy bullshit.   

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