Still Need Money

So what happens is that people who are trained and actually used to going to others for a job, generic and doing that job, search and getting simply a simple paycheck, ailment get thrown out of work.  Then they get unemployment, which now they get for a pretty long while.

For awhile the unemployment helps these people adjust to their failure.  Obviously they weren't good enough.  They review their entire lives pinpointing every mistake they ever made in the journey of life.  They had the wrong parents, wrong friends, went to the wrong school, and on and on.

They are required to keep looking for a job, even when they know that they are not going to get one.  They know they aren't going to get one like the one they had because most of their friends and co-workers are out of work too.  They are not even supposed to use the unemployment checks they get to start a business.

Typically in the US you could pretty much count on the economy recovering after two years.

Often there was the option of moving to some place in the country where those skills one might have, were in demand.  Lots of people ended up living and working in Las Vegas.  They kept building in Las Vegas.  This time that didn't work out.  This time even early on workers were told that there wasn't going to be anywhere to go.

The economy is pretty well really really wrecked.

Further even if some guy has some great idea, if they have never been a hustler before, they are not likely to be viewed as a great risk for investment, and things just continue on a downward spiral.

So the unemployment runs out and friends fall away, and some people even conveniently die.  Others turn to crime.

Crime does become the way to go, so you have to pick good crimes with low risk.  Cigarette smuggling looks good.  In general the export business, or smuggling by another name is semi secure.  I read over the Department of Justice Crime reports and there is a demand for what is left of the US economy that can be exported, or smuggled.  China is after instruments, and will pay, so guys sell things to them.

So then the US continues it's slide from the top of the heap, on every single score.

The common criminals, who are used to going in and out of prison, well they steal, and they get their buddies who are out of work to go into that with them, and they eventually get caught, and do some time.

Some girls go into whoring, but that isn't so great, since they don't even have all the customers they might want.  

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