Another Policy Paper

We did a White Paper about Haiti.  Deeds and replacement deeds and control of the land dictate catastrophe after catastrophe far as Haiti is concerned.

We warned about the water.  Once we put together the strong fast shipping container designs clean water became important for any realistic working structure.

Water corruption was from top to bottom entrenched in the life of Haiti.

The poor are not only poor, story but destitute, symptoms without real protections or respect.

Nothing any good at all was going to be given to them no matter how happy and grateful they were.

Good water had been stolen out of the wells to sell to them, and bottled water was sent in for all the occupying army or pseudo armies.

Pepsi or some other big corporation made that money.

USAID did what?  They are famous for starting things they never finish most everywhere.  The Bush Clinton Haiti Foundation begged for this and that truck.

The Red Cross people we talked to said they had to think about it and tell the right International person about it.

Then the fact seems to be that there are simply too many people on such a small amount of land.  Nobody really wants these Haitians.

So then I am part crazy when I say Transcendians need to turn to the UN about Human Rights, or mundane things like strong structures.

Not much else to do but try for some over arching powerful entity, world institution.

Go to the law, but keep some weapons, is a good idea.  The Haitians don't even have their own Army.   For some of my people the idea that arms are required drives them nuts and away.

By the time I think it all out as a nation or a party now, weapons seem required.  Everybody is drafted if they are really in it.

The lawyers need to tell us what legitimate self defense requires the use of weapons.  War can be about land.

For the US party and people the fact that now Deeds of land are in the hands of Banks.  The price of everything is what they say it is and nobody can pay it now while they keep trading debt.  If you have a Deed in the US, you had better get ahold of it.  The price of land needs to be corrected.  There is no income coming to the people individually anymore that will enable the use of credit in anyway connected to reality.

To change that as a nation the Electric Grid, ought to be a national jobs program.  It is insane that for years anybody who knows anything about the infrastructure of the United States says the Electric Grid is the key to integrating renewable energy.  So the US gets a pipeline from Canada to the Gulf?

That's the sort of crap they talk about, along with laws right out of Orwellian experiments we have seen turn out for the worst already in the old USSR.

Congress really doesn't exist, as an institution of honor.

To fix this sort of thing really calls for a party that has no intention of buying more lies.

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