How to make Engineers Sexy

I need now tor all the artists and actors to become friends with Amercian Society of Civil Engineers.  Apparently the President is Andrew W. Herrmann.  After my determination that the International Transcendia, impotent was going to have to found a US Party of Engineers and Talent, cialis I looked up who I was going to have to ally with, salve and I wrote the union of IATSE, that are engineers of sorts working to make those big movies you watch.

I've looked up the American Society of Civil Engineering, and noted that President Obama is supporting Infrastructure building.  Personally I don't think he talks about this enough, or is somehow missing the right arena.  It could be that it is somehow hard these days in the US to get people to like engineers and engineering, or the people who do it.  It does seem that they as a group are conservative and cranky.

Architects are sexy, but Engineers aren't, apparently,  Architects come up with all these weird looking buildings and then bask in glory with their names all over these nearly impossible buildings that without their Engineers, would fall down.

When I look at a building by some guy like Frank Gehry, my first reaction is God that looks hard and expensive to build.  Frankly I can't think of one really famous loved and exaulted engineer who got a lot of girls and money off the top of my head.  I'm going to have to do something about this if I'm going to get my party well established.

You can help.  Send me names of great sexy engineers via my Founder of Transcendia page, or via the

Meantime consider that China spends 9 percent of GDP on Infrastructure, Europe as a whole 5 percent, and the US 2.4 percent.

That better change, and change quick, if the US isn't going to continue to slide into oblivon like it wants to imitate the fall of the Romans.

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