My Need For An Army

Political Artist notes

I have to admit I was pleased to get a note indicating that the Buddy Roemer Campaign Staff was following me on Twitter.  The Transcendian need for it's own army has always held me back.

As a US Party with good intentions for focusing political power on the US, story Canadian, buy and Mexician Power Grid, I don't necessarily need an army, since the US Army is still supposed to protect me, just like the local police and FBI are supposed to protect me and mine, plus Keep the Peace.

I should think that The Engineers and Talent Party ought to do about as good at least as the Tea Party, but I hate the reactionary lag of most liberal and progressive movements.  Well I'm all right for having had Transcendia as a revolutionary Political construct since 1972 if you count Transcend-O-Ray the vision, but really ought to count from 1983 or so.

Was in 1994 abouts that my main flaw of belief was changed when I read Classic Readings In International Relations, and discovered you Were More Likely to Go To War with those you did business with, than not.

I'm still encouraging Songs of Engineers, from the Talent, and have coined as copy The Grand Green Grid, and collecting data to fit the name.

So that's what's up around here today.  See Yah In The Movies!

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