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Some of the ads that show up here are an indication of the misreading of my intentions and positions as associated by the google adsense algorithums far as I can tell.  I checked and the site is owed about 3 dollars and fifty cendts.  If there is any donating to be done around here it is to Transcendia, discount far as I'm concerned.

Now I'm in he hospital.  I took a picture with the webcam of my neckbrace.  I will be wearing a neck brace for months.  We intend to make some interestesting looking nxk braces.

Meantime I have continuted to watch the Republican caucuses and votes for Romney.  I definitely don't want Romeny to have any Federal power due to his statements that have chnged way too much too often for international status.  I wonder what he might do if he was confronted by aides de camp, advisors who wanted him to use weapons of mass destruction.  Who would he want to please more?  Would his loyalty be to who he wanted money from, or really what?

My goal was to prevent Apocalyptivc Riot, and see people from outerspace.  I do not think Romeny is equiped to prevent apolcalyptic riot.  Frankly what exactly does he realu want to be President of the United States for?   I understand Gingrich wants to be powerful, have power, prove he is smart, the smartest guy in the room, but sadly he's not.  Leastways for him, and his selfimage.  Pathertic that he became a Catholic.  Vatican policies have about doomed mankind.  Too many people on too little space.

Look at Haiti.

Corruption and War keep people poor.  I've said it before.  Haiti is a prison island.

Nevada is the State with highest unemployment aye?  Tourism and Gambling and buiilding houses and no manufacturing to speak of.  Hum.  hum hum hum.

Well I see some lesson thee about what proper foundeations for state prosperity really are.  Florida public education hasn't much impressed me when I was reading job appliations when I managed the line.  The jobs at the airport of Las Vegas are likely pretty secure.

I'm tired and can't see and have to discontinue tonight.  Let me know somehow about economic realities of Nvada, bomb stest site state, tourist meca.  

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