Tuesday Working Class Corner

This is Tuesday and I was operated on last Thursday the 2nd.

Since then I've been thinking and recovering and trying to get some money flowing from the work I've done.

I cried some from joy actually because I"m alive.

Then I watched some more television.  I have determined that I need more followers, order and deserve more followers because I watched the Bill Moyers interview of  Johnathan Haidt.  This was an excellent interview and I have judged that Garth and Charlie and Miles and I and some others are on the right page in that we are about engineering, viagra about just getting these things done without the depression.

It is time to wonder, not worry.  It is time to be practical soes we can hope to overcome the idiocy and ignorance that has been dominating laws and actions coming from the laws that will no longer be possible to ignore, and sweep under the table.

So right now I could go on, but I've got to get out of the hospital.

Buy a passport.  I know it's complicated but we need to start raising some real money to pay for offices and support for the airport offices.

We have to simply just secure the ports, for food is involved, and it is the number on ingredient for peace.

We need peace.  We may even have to need it bad enough to be silly.  I've been going on Facebook with my face all strange and neck in plastic.  I've been going on youtube and gotten the Transcendian youtube channel monetized.

I'll keep at it.  I was ready to die.  I'd done what I could with my back catalog, and it was time for the operation, and I lived and I'm doing better than they though I would.

So there you have it.

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