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You understand that what is interior to the power struggle you live with in the US is a fantastic intellectual philosophical hatred of Hedonism by the most powerful people. Hedonists as a rule, can’t be all that powerful, because the pursuit of happiness is not the pursuit of power and money.
Therefore hedonists as a rule, are not all that rich and powerful.
Hence they don’t have laws in their favor and they get arrested for being demonstratively happy on drugs with funny haircuts pants and shirts and it is obvious to police who are employed to not only keep the peace, but enforce anti hedonism laws, however laws that exist obviously or otherwise can be construed to make being philosophically on the wrong side of the tracks clearly on the wrong side of the tracks as in jail.
Drug laws, are simply laws against being high.
Being high is a hedonistic thing.
The government takes your freedom if you are stoned, or have drugs that will make you or others stoned.

In the Kings world you are there to serve him and his family and the nobles. That means you need to be good and ready to go and stab and faithfully hack at the vital parts of another king’s peoples.
Stoned people do not make good soldiers.
Frankly this is another way of explaining the reason laws against happiness exist implicit or inferred.
In the US Constitution there is a mention of your right to Life Liberty and a “Pursuit of happiness.” That is just a technicality, as they would say. That was just put there. Anyway, it doesn’t say you can have happiness. It says you can pursuit happiness.
It is okay for you to be happy. Is it okay for you to be too often happy? How much happiness is appropriate? How ought the happiness be achieved?
The great religious saints often succeeded at not doing much of anything. They had the right attitude about it. They got along well with the Birds for instance living in a cave, for instance.
My Uncle the Episcopal Priest says God wants us to be happy and we have sinned if we went around being unhappy all the time.
A happy person in the midsts of adversity is an admirable morale builder. We see them in the war movies and hear of them in the myths.
The happiest pictures of Americans are of when WWII was over in Europe and the people danced and kissed each other in the streets.
The weather wads good. They had hacked and killed their way to happiness.
There was no good reason for all that happiness at Woodstock.
All that was about was LSD, and the birth control pill. That was a celebration of a short span of freedom that some un-entitled young people took.
Like artists they stole the time to just be.
There was art created in the permanent form of the Woodstock Movie, that eventually covered the costs.
Later that freedom was ruined by freedom lovers like the Hells Angels who murdered a guy at Monterey. There are ways to do these things, even hedonism needs to be accomplished by people who know what they are doing.
Still it is a serious problem for the harder workers of another miserable philosophy called Puritanism, or Calvinism, or Existentialism. We move from one miserable way of thinking to less miserable ways of thinking till we have at the best, Pragmatism and Hedonism holding hands.
When things go on for too long in miserablinessness too many of us start to look forward to war.
I personally want to just really really knock over statues to Confederate heroes. I know that this might be the last straw in the class war of misery triumphalism demonstrated daily with low chin shots of Ted Cruz.
But now I want to see him cry at the base of a destroyed statue of Bedford Forrest.
Thermite is the weapon of choice for destruction of these statues.
Get it and destroy the CSA for once and for all.
If it is just a pursuit of happiness, and all I’ll get, then fuck it.

Okay How about those rich people and their trips to Mars?
Some people don’t think it is fair for the Tesla Rich to get to sell their stuff and go to Mars, leaving us in the shithole created through their policies.
It isn’t fair, but this is their plan.
They expect us to kill each other over resources like water as a start, while they hide out in gated communities they will sell to standing warlords before they go to Mars.

On mars they will have a Hyperloop system from the Equator to the poles. Water conduits will transport the vital aquifer rivers to the Morlock mound towns. Things will be very fascistic like the plutocracy of Disney land till happy go lucky smiling Elon Musk dies, and then things will get like how miserable Disney land is.
That is unless something else is done.
That is also dependent on your state of mind.
Just what great fun will be possible on Mars?
The duty of the people has been recognized as keeping humankind going, so sexersize is going to be approved.
But then there will be limits to how much fun we can have doing that determined by interior design.
Woody Allen may have it too much right in Sleeper.

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