Korea & Nuclear Bombs

Starving People Tell the World They Have a Nuclear Bomb, Why?
They need food.
As a sensible reaction to the revelation that North Korea has an Atomic Bomb, or a few, which could kill quite a number of us, it ought to be recognized that they need food, and food is the number one ingredient for peace.
My father was a very proud man, and that is about all he died with. I understand the importance of it as a motive for the things that an individual tribe, or nation might do.
I have a Kia.
Infact I have a Kia that was reported in the Wall Street Journal to be one of the worst cars ever made.
Still I am glad I bought the Kia since my wife likes to drive it more than she likes to drive the Honda, since the Kia is an automatic and as many women she wears shoes that make it difficult to drive a shift sort of car.
The way things are is that South Korea is making better and better cars to get food, and North Korea is making atom bombs and not asking for anything outright.
Pride is a difficulty for us all.
I am proudest when I can feed and clothe everyone I love and all that are even near me.
I wanted very much to replace the entire wardrobe of a woman I loved, and was pleased that my wife liked the suit I bought her for our anniversary.
Wars are fought over women.
One time I knocked a guy over, picked him up by his feet, looked down on him and told him I wanted to kick his head across the parking lot.
I had already lost the war and the fight was just something that had to happen.
My mother told me that it was alright and I went on with my life the best I could.
I’m not likely to be around all that much longer as far as things go, though I have told my wife to not bother to bury me for the expense and just give my body to doctors to play with.
I’m an organ donor on my drivers license.
What the announcement of today from Korea means is that they are hungry, and proud, and they need food.
If China as a Nation was interested in markets, guest labor the same as props up the US with workers from Mexico, and maintainance of the Pride of the Koreans, they would push food to North Korea, and ask the US France Germany and Israel to give up Nuclear Weapons.
Best- Russell Day

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