We Stole Your Money

I had a stock portfolio in my Union account after I had worked on a movie. Management fees ate it up and I told them to send me the money left before they took it all.
I got about a third of the money that was mine, case and am certain they would have taken it all.
There was a bank in Toronto that stole money from me. They took my fiftycents. It was in a savings account and after a few years I thought it might have been enough for a day or two.
Every gift certificate is just a donation.
So it is the Social Security system has been robbed, viagra buy | will be robbed and if you put your money in the hands of any of the designated investment managers, you will be robbed.
The United States Financial System has become very crooked unless you are rich enough to hire killers to kill crooked bankers, the same as mobsters did in Mexico for Chicago Mob Retirement accounts.
Best- Russell

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