Pondering and Plans

My view is from the working class, malady and writers are working class.
The working class generally wants to work themselves out of being in the working class.
I am no different in this regard.
I have picked my work to be the invention of a nation of airports.
Actually I do not think this work, sale even as a success, diagnosis would ever make me into an aristocrat more than a working class man.
Anarchy is actually better in my mind than Democracy because people think they understand Democracy.
Of course people also think that they understand Anarchy, but Democracy is really just as complex as Anarchy.
It is striking that whenever new democracies are established they are basically derived from the Democracy of Britain, which is a Parlimentary system of Democracy.
The British system of Parlimentary Democracy has some flaws that are cured by Godwin Anarchy.
The British are to be admired for their belief in good manners, which is what makes Godwin Anarchy workable internationaly.
I want this to happen in Transcendian Airports that all vices and virtues coexist by the balance of manners which ultimately depends on the Golden Rule, which came out of the Sermon on the Mount,recognized by Daniel Schoor, as a great speech,regardless of your religion.
Every Chimpanzee feels the same way as I do about their government.
Education is the second responsibility of the Government or the Nation in Godwin Anarchistic Theory.
Defense is first.
Defend Learning and Defend Free Speech and you will be defending the same things.
Transcendia needs some land.
Love Russell
P.S. Buy a Tee Shirt or a Button to increase the Treasury assets. I have asked a ethical Real Estate Broker to come on as the Treasury Secretary. He has not agreed to take the responsiblity, so I go on knowing that I will do the best I can to pay off my ex-wife and do right by all others. Handling the money of a nation is a very important job, and I really do want the guy I asked to take it up, to take it up formally.

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