Transcendian Titles

Founder/Russell Scott Day
Founder’s Wife & Co-Founder/Nancy Alex Day
Webmaster/Ed Hettig & Heath Hettig
Systems Administrator/Hendrick DeYoung
Treasury Accountant and Administrator of Finance/Unfilled
Flight School Chief/Unfilled
National Defense Chief/Unfilled
Legal Affairs Chief/Unfilled

Founder Job Description:
My job is to explain the vision of Transcendia, and campaign for Transcendia, and the goals of Transcendia.
I am charged with explaining where Transcendia comes from, where it is, and where it will go.
I must also discover and direct the plan for actual actualization of Transcendia as a real nation of airports and spaceports internationally recognized as a sovereign nation with certain distinct differences of law and government measured against ethical and practical beliefs systems and manners that as shared by Transcendians and Non Transcendians would be commonly safe and secure for commonly shared interests within and on Transcendian land or Territories.
Transcendia is a company, country, and work of art, and will always be so.
I must handle unfilled positions of Transcendia to the best of my ablity and fill those positions with other visionaries more capable than myself in those positions as soon as possible.
The plan now is to one way or another secure enough funds to lease territory for at least one Transcendian Airport which would be located at the very best Geographic location for Spaceport operations in the future.
The best place to build any port is by water and train tracks and highways in general but at this point Transcendia will take what it can get under the flag.
I do request that as many of you as possible buy what is available through the store for two main reasons, one being that wearing the flag will increase awareness of Transcendia, the other being this will create a Treasury for Transcendia, and money is an important tool.
Truly it is not how much money you have, but what you do with it.

Wife and Co-Founder:
Nancy Alex Day, my wife shares my vision and works on it with me with the added stress that comes from living with me.

Webmaster Ed Hettig and his Son Heath have created the cyberspace geographical location of Transcendia, and exemplify the real importance of the advance in technology as a tool for writing that enables the place.

The Systems Administrator Hendrick DeYoung fills a position that is similar or actually best described as a friend filling in the vision of the Founder’s bad eye.

The Treasury Accountant and Administrator will maintain the Bank Account and disburse money to all who either work for Transcendia, or Transcendia owes money. The Treasury Accountant will advise the Founder and Nation on the best uses of Transcendian Funds.
I offered this job to Ken Morris, but he has not agreed to take the job.

Flight School Chief will create and direct the school system which though by main name shall be called the Flight School, will offer to citizens and non citizens in pursuit of citizenship the best possible education that a human being could receive. I imagine this as a sort of combination of the Boy Scouts and Harvard.

National Defense Chief will direct the defense of the Nation, which will always be a shared responsiblity of all Transcendian Citizens who are to be armed with lethal and non lethal weapons as they desire for their personal defense and the defense of their friends, families and countrymen.
(One Goal of Transcendia will be to create an airliner that is capable of flying passengers anywhere in the world fully able of defending itself from all known weapons.)

The Chief of Legal Affairs will determine what domestic and international laws will maintain the peace and security for citizens and visitors, and advise the nation on the ethical measure of anticipated or agreed to laws.
No law is to be adhered to that is more morality based than ethically based and I say further that it is the Golden Rule that is the pivot for laws which are best, simply good manners.

Rewrite of Position Titles from rememberance of what was written the day before, and then lost and gone somewhere unknown because of a browser breakdown.
Best- Russell Scott Day

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