Land To Buy in Haiti

As time moves on, I’d like to buy some land in Haiti from which to conduct some Transcendian theory experiments in the real world.

Money is a key element that Transcendia is short of.

As far as Haiti is concerned I’m real interested in fixing it up.

It also represents a loser nation in the Drug War, which Transcendia would like to end.

Money is a tool.

Friend of a friend of mine owns some land in Haiti he might be willing to sell cheap, since he won’t go there now for fear of being kidnapped.

I’m going to see if the land is available for purchase, and whether or not it would work for Transcendian purposes.

I do know that for one project 50 grand is needed.

For the Shipping Container Housing building project in Haiti we are looking at minimums and maximums that range from 750 thousand to figures in the billions.

In the next 4 months ramp up and actual ability by Transcendia, according to its infrastructure, may be able to handle 5 million with any degree of competence.

Sure enough more money would make more money, and I’ll take all I can get.

However I figure off the top of my head, that 5 million dollars would be about all I could deal with spending properly over the next 3 months, by myself.

So give, but don’t give too much.

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