Work Class Corner/Drug War Losers

Working Class Corner/Drug War Losers

    While many well meaning people and organizations have been attempting to provide aid of all sorts to Haiti, I turn to thinking of how it represents the ultimate loser in the Drug War.

     I pick up only bits and pieces of hard information, and can only say so much, for I have not visited Haiti.

I’ve read of the econmics of Haiti that are above ground, and not much really for them to sell.

    While legalized pot as a trade export produced like coffee, or textiles would not fix everything wrong with Haiti, it would likely help.

In the case of Mexico, it is the same really, though Mexico at least has a stronger overall economic foundation.

     The thousands and thousands of words written and published for years and years about the futility of the Drug War, and all of its destructive effects to US society have done nothing at all really to change the status quo.

      Sometimes those in Power say they are winning the drug war, and then others say it is lost.  Overall it has been, and will likely continue to be a permanent war, where essentially everybody is a loser.

      I imagine declaring pot legal on my airports, or wherever Transcendian real land holdings and control ever might be, as a strategy for fighting the Drug War and see every sort of problem with that consequent to any real war.

      According to original Transcendian theory it would operate as a Guest Nation internationally present with its own unique laws, and given control of its land holdings through binding lease agreements with host countries.

     This part of Transcendian theory, as possible, is based on the precedent of Hong Kong.  The other two primary influences on Transcendian theory are Disneyland, and Pan Am.

     My experiences inside Rochdale College back in the 70s are significant.  Rochdale did legalize hallucenigenic drugs within the college building.  I did work Security there, and am aware of issues of Security, and Law, and Corruption that are serious, and deadly sometimes.

      There is a difference between categories and classes of drugs that is hard as hell to address, for what I saw was that while hallucenigenics were of little threat to the peace, there were motivations for drug dealers to deal along with pot and hashish, and LSD, and the drugs of that sort, coke for sure.

      So it does turn out that holding the line, is tough.  To tell the truth not even I want to see Crack legal.  Some of these speed type drugs are so lousy they as well ought not be available as simply bad products.

      So the irony turns out that even in Transcendia, the Drug War would be continued.

      Still there is no perfect world.  You simply can only make it better.

      Studidity cannot be elimanited.

      Only moderated.

      War is permanent.

      Just want to keep it at as low a level of intensity as possible.

      Drug War now is really out of hand, and it would do the entire world good if drug smugglers, and weapons smugglers were caused to be separated as a basic practical matter.  I’m sure enough not the only one to recognize this fact, but suspect that some suitcase bomb will go off in Manhattan before the Drug War is moderated.

      I also suspect that Haiti will long continue to be the greatest loser of the Western Hemisphere in a permanent war based on criminalizing poverty, and perpetuating hypocrisy, and corruption out of habit.

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