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    Well, we got some advertising put on here.  I am of course now pushed to make advertising here of benefit to my advertisers.  Categories of Tools, and Jewels, and Land were first of Transcendian focus.  Then it was on the postcards Food, Drugs, and Tools.

     Only 2000 of the postcards were ever issued.  There were 4 titles.  My biggest seller was a Portrait of Winnie.  Winne was a pig.  We eventually ate Winnie.  Next best seller was Girl, Dog, Truck, or Success, since success is having a girl and a dog and a truck.

     If you ever see one of these Transcendian Issue Postcards, they are rare.  My brother actually met someone for the first time, and at their home on their refrigerator, was my poem Anonymous, that was one of the four postcards.

     The postcard business is about as viable a money maker as sealing wax these days.  I did discover that you needed a line of 12, racks, and distribution.  I still love postcards, but usually anymore I just make one offs, and send them out.

     Typically if I am actually writing to a politician I will use a postcard, sometimes of right large size, since they do not have to be opened.

     Due to my Transcendian economic theory upon which to base the wealth of the nation, I am very interested in founding a Transcendian Insurance Company.  Otherwise it is not out of the question for Transendia to ally with an existing insurance company to offer an ideal Transcendian Insurance Policy.

     New York Life didn’t hire me years ago, and my wife divorced me partly over that, so it is ironic that I have turned to see Insurance as pivotal to the economic reality of Transcendia.

      My ideal policy would be awarded at birth, and include attorneys and accountants on retainer from the get go.  It would require pay in starting at entry into the world of paying work depending on factors of education, and ambition, in general terms.

      Goal is to give labor equality with capital.

      Other sources of income or leverage for Transcendia would be taxes on transactions at the ports of Transcendia, which is a Free Trade Zone precept.

       Ideologically Transcendia is anarchistic in that according to my theory not all can be legislated, and that good manners are better held by all, than imposed ways of acting.  In fact public monies are best spent on education so that no citizens are without skills to the point where crime is their only option.

      Only Defense of the Nation, and Education really are the twin responsiblities of any government, though both responsiblities must be paid for somehow.

      Fair laws and fair taxes and the usefulness of the nation to those that join up, and become Transcendian Citizens is going to take some work.

      What needs to be accomplished is a clear and ready way to join Transcendia, and know that the passport will be honored, and that in your travels, should events turn against you, a call will produce at least as much aid as you get from a non profit like the American Automobile Association, if not more.

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