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Shipping Container Housing and Shelter for Haiti,

Has been pretty much what I’ve been working on.

So far we have discovered that converting shipping containers into homes is a fairly mature industry.

They as they have been are about to become obsolete for folding shipping containers that make back shipping economical, have come on the market.

In the meantime Haiti has had another disaster, and even there there already a good number of shipping containers at the port.

Within two to three months Haiti will start to experience weather that will make tents pretty lousy.

Hence we have determined that shipping containers that are very strong be used in conjunction with the tents.

We are suggesting that they be sent out of the port inland either modified, or unmodified.

We are suggesting 3 crews be paid and directed by the UN to accomplish this.

Headquarters for this operation are suggested to be at the port.

The crews are to be Foundation Prep, Modification, and Transport.

For a full overview of the options, look at CR4, sponsored by, and go to the Shipping Container Housing tread through the CR4 box on the homepage right labeled Search all of CR4.

This is a report on my website of work I have been doing on another.

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