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Working Class Corner, CIA in Haiti

    Actually it was reported to me that there is not a single CIA agent in Haiti, for it is thought not to be of any account.

     I can see why this sort of attitude towards the place might exist, but think it might not be a good idea to not have at least one Intelligence officer there.

     It’s not like the US isn’t spending money on Haiti, and that US personnel aren’t there doing work of one sort or another.

     I have suspicions about the smuggling networks and how they might use Haiti, or have used Haiti for not everybody is poor there.  The majority is poor.

     Something I read on CIA Factbook, or somewhere said that Columbian smugglers used Haitian banks to launder money somehow.   I’m not to the bottom of this.

     Still you would think that the US intelligence services would have at least one human agent in every country of the world.  Hell that would only mean at least a 190 agents right?  Considering the type of wars and conflicts the US is involved in, and the hundreds of thousands of troops thrown around, you would think it was a no brainer to deploy a correct number of spies?

    These days I suppose they outsource the dangerous work to journalists who over the past decade have been getting killed quite often.

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