April Fools Day Speech


      It has been 35 years since the event that is the cause of my declaration of April Fools as the Transcendian National Holiday.  A woman was involved.  I loved her quite a bit.  She left me and moved in with a friend of ours on April Fools.  I felt right foolish.  These years later, I wonder why I cared at all, or so much with crying and even a fist fight.

     At the time I only had the Transcend-O-Ray vision as my touchstone in my mind.  In 1982 or 83 I had developed the Transcendian Theory to the point where I needed to become a nation of airports and spaceports.   I was talking with Craig Heafner who worked in Advertising about how Transcend-O-Ray was a good name for a vision, but didn’t work so well as the name for a country.

     Craig suggested  Transcendia,  since many nations end in ia, so I went with that suggestion.  Then I worked on the flag.  A country needs a flag, and because Transcendian spiritual practice is to read the Bible reading for the day, and through the I Ching, for a full sense of time, I worked with Chris Hickey combining the symbols of the Christian Church, and the I Ching, so as to create the first Flag.

      Soon after that I married my first wife and she sewed together 6 flags.  When I wanted to pool property we had, and form an equity company and buy land for an airport on a highway, by some water, and some train tracks in Mexico on the Gulf, she and her family divorced me.

      This was a severe setback.

      I got fired from my job with Piedmont Airlines, partly due to knowledge of Transcendian Theory, and partly due to erratic behavior on my part caused by my fathers death, the impending divorce, the purchase of Piedmont by US Air, and an email I didn’t write.  -It’s a long story.

      Within a year I got really badly beat up and moved from Rochester New York to Manhattan.  There I ran a lighting and grip truck and flew the remaining Transcendian Flag over the truck on shoots all over Manhattan.  Many filmmakers became familar with Transcendian Theory.  In 1991 I wrote the Transcendian Passport.

     Prior to that there had been some really fine parties held on April Fools.  I gave a speech in Dag Hammarskold Plaza, that was not particularly well attended.   Many message rockets had been launched and I had received international press in Tel Aviv by then, but Transcendian Theory, was not fully complete, or realistic.  I was still making fun of myself some.

      Some of what I did was comic.  Some of it was just a work of conceptual art.  Transcendia, the Company, The Country, The Work of Art.  – When my art is very good it does contain elements of Strength Wisdom Beauty and Humor.

      In 1995 I discovered a major flaw in Transcendian Theory, and corrected it.  That flaw was related to my liberal belief that nations that did business together would have an interest in the well being of each other.  In fact this is only partially true, for in fact you are more likely to go to war with people you do business with, than those you are isolated from.

      We know of this in our daily lives when we read of Divorce between couples that have children.  It is a fact that I struggle with.

      However Transcendian Theory is right advanced due to my study of these realities.  I have turned to more of the nuts and bolts of internal operations and theories revolving around economics.

      Many of the nuts and bolts of the foundational theories for any real realization of Transcendia, as having real influence, and real places were good from the get go.  One set back is that I have not gone into smuggling and war, for real nations have armies and wars.  Last year I declared war on Asteroids.  That war is doing alright more due to luck, than anything really Transcendia has been able to do.  Transcendia has severe economic disadvantages.

     Even this website is not near as great as I need it to be, due to lack of money.  My working class orbits have not made contributions, and I can’t force them to.  I’m not even sure yet that I want them to.

     I did decide that as an economic basis for the economy of Transcendia, I needed to found an insurance company that covered all who did buy passports.   This would provide leverage and create a situation where labor would be more able to compete with capital.  It is not a joke, at least the way I see it.

      I am struggling now with foundational problems of finance for the reality is that without fungible assets, I will not be able to rent offices in all international airports to support the citizens who carry Transcendian Passports.

      So I guess what I am telling everybody in this years Transcendian Speech is Transcendia is broke, and needs some money.  The art part is the Flag, and I encourage you to buy the CafePress Black Hat with the Flag on it, as that is the best deal.  It is a very nice hat actually.

      Donations are important too, for I need to pay my webmaster if we want to make the place here on this website more interactive so as to hash out some of the other problems.  I have worked a good deal and wonder if Haiti is a good place to buy or lease some land for a Transcendian airport these days.

      Though much of Transcendian Theory is derived from Godwin Anarchy, I am turning to nuts and bolts Law, and am particularly needful of International Lawyers to make proper agreements with host nations for the confederated airport operations.

      As far as an army, well, I am for all Transcendians being armed with appropriate defensive arms.  The fact is that standing armies do tend to be used for offensive purposes.  Mostly I am hopeful that we Transcendians will do as much good as Hitler did bad, and no longer feel like joking around too much, though it is not good to take yourself too seriously.  

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