Last Resort

Food is the number one ingredient of peace.  Civilization is about 3 meals thick.  Food delivery by aircraft is typically an expensive way to do it.  It is done in battle, generic and emergency, viagra sale and also to extreme environments.  I put food on old freighter planes destined for Caribbean islands.  We hear often that there is enough food for the world population, arthritis but that distribution is the problem.  Since aircraft can get to most anywhere, they would represent a key to this distribution failure.

The favorite fuels for aircraft engines have temperature ranges and BTU supply that enable fast and far, and high.  There is all sorts of stuff we can do to get around on the ground, but up in the air there are fewer choices.  Speed and lifting potential are very important.  Low in weather is a recipe for disaster.  Still as in so many cases the perfect is the enemy of the good.  Most of the time 12 thousand feet is good enough.  Most of the time 200 miles an hour is good enough.

Planes that can carry 10 tons and burn bio fuels, or propane, or whatever the scientists can get out of algae are desirable far as Transcendia is concerned.

I am aware that the Centrifugal Fuel Controller applied to the Ivchenko A!-TL 25/55 offers some fuel security for world wide freighter operations.  I am aware this technology has not been applied to freighter aircraft.

It is significant that 25 airline companies have gone out of business directly due to fuel costs.  I suspect that there will come a time in the future when it will be calculated how many aircraft will be allowed for the fuel available.  It would be a hoot for me locally here in failing IGX to limit Med Air Flight operations to local fuel supplies.  Their new French TBM is powered by one of the greatest engines of all time, the Pratt and Whitney PT6.  I'll bet we could get it to run on bio fuels made from the genetically engineered NC State University yams, that are inedible.

Far as NC and Southern land problems with Kudzu, would be nice to be able to turn that into turbine fuel.

Anyway Food Distribution is said to be the big problem for mankind, and Aircraft can get food to places other transport can't.  Blimps don't carry much, and are too slow.

Wing in Ground Effect Craft offer further efficiencies for heavy stuffs.   In this life there is Salvation through Science.

True poverty is when one cannot give anything away to others.  In Tunisia Mr. Sidi Bouazizi set fire to himself because cops stole his food.  Mr. Bouaizizi sold food from a street cart.  Mr. Bouaizizi was known to give away food to the most poor of his customers.

I suggest NATO bomb Libya with Food and Candy and Flowers all over the place at least for one day, as an experiment.   

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