Achieving Passport Support

There are only about 250 Transcendian Passports officially issued and signed by me.  I have hesitated to issue more passports because Transcendia does not really have the means to support them.

While I of course want a Transcendian Airport that functions under the Transcendian Flag, buy cialis I see now that my goal ought to be to at least establish Transcendian Passport Support Offices, prostate on as many, generic or all, International Airports.  Of course it is right that one ought to be given rights of passage everywhere in the world.  However I aim to do what is more realistically possible by focusing on airports.

I understand that there is in the world common cleavage to the nation of ones birth.  These borders are typically consecrated by blood.  Machiavelli faced it when he wrote:  "The struggle with nature is not enough to make a nation."  – I quote from memory.

Hence it is I declare a war now and then.  Actually spies and gangsters know war is a constant.  What you really want to do is keep its intensity low.  The Military Industrial Complex has a commercial interest in the use of expensive weapons.  I postulate that all Transcendians shall be appropriately armed according to their individual personalities.  We shall assume they are all of good character.  It is a lot of work to carry a firearm, and some ought not be bothered with that extra work walking around.  However I may require all Transcendians to carry personal protection stuff, like pepperspray, since defense of the "nation" is a national responsibility.

The network of companies that make their profits from war materials, and instruments of war can find profits from other builds.  For instance Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers would make for fun destinations for some Commercial Planes, as well as having the power available for desalinization of water at port.  The sad facts of water war in Haiti did not have to result in Cholera.  It was obvious that water was a corrupted business hobbling Haiti recovery.

In Haiti the issues are about as compete a recipe for weakness and vulnerability to disaster as they come, and much of my work last year was focused on producing solutions.  It is significant that I could not recommend buying or leasing an airport for Transcendia there.  I could not afford to lose the investments required at this early time in Transcendian history.  However I could justify a Transcendian Passport Office.

Transcendia is not a joke, though I do regard April Fools as a good holiday to observe.  Sometimes we all feel that life is fraught with practical jokes on us.  We seem to be intent on making life harder than it really has to be.

I myself am really a nobody so joke about how I am, what position I am in, how I am working class, but I have a vision, and from a vision, one can become a King.  I shy from wanting to be known as King, and prefer to be as I am, only Founder.  It shall be up to others to fill in some of the details.

However, due to the communications networks maturity of our times, along with realities of the global economy, possibilities of individual travel freedoms where we even see Space Tourism, the times are right for a nation of airports, as Transcendia is in my mind.

The Flag is a very nice flag.  You can help me out by buying clothes and hats with the flag on it.

 Goal is to install Transcendian Passport Offices in as many airports as possible, and support world citizen individual rights. 

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