I Misspelled Lightening

But Lightening is Lighting.

So I let it go.

Otherwise my nephew has got a job as a photographer, order ed which has been a lifetime artistic pursuit of mine one way or another.  I really made more money lighting for other people.  I am very fond of some particular lights.  The LTM Cinepar, see Ianaro 2K Blonde, find Tweenie and Inky a Kinoflows are favorites.  Lots of times I watch movies and guess which instruments of lighting they are using, and where they put them.

Light Comes From Above!

Remember a DP asking me to do this and that till finally I asked her what she was trying to do, and she said, "Get rid of that shadow."

I told my guys to raise the lights.

Really good lights are addictive.  Course it is the difference between taking a picture, and making one.

I used to not crop photographs due to Bresson influence, but changed my mind about it and will cut a photo with a knife now to make it better.

The business of wedding photographs wasn't my thing really.  I liked taking photos for the newspaper, or just as I thought was important.  A lot of my best work is somehow gone, either sold, stolen or lost.  It's too bad I couldn't keep thing to this time of scanners and all like that.  Those coming up now are lucky in my opinion for digital photography is right mature now and will be around for a long time.

I'd love to shoot some with a digital Panavision.

We used to have to light differently for video cameras, as opposed to film cameras.

I imagine the digital Panavisions to be right to light for, as they are great cameras.

Otherwise notes like, balancing of key, and fill and backlighting to achieve depth of image in portraits, or for actor story drama shots are going to apply.  Eye moves to brightest spot in the frame, is going to apply.

Every place in the world has unique light due to sun angles, air density, temperature, humidity, and other factors.  I thought it was a good idea to always shoot with Daylight balanced film for that is the way the eye is balanced.  I mostly shoot with my digital with the flash cut off on a landscape setting which is like a daylight balance and 35 mm lenses setting.  For the stark of straight on flash I'd rather turn the image to Black and White.

I turn many of mine to Sepia cause it creates a distance from the present, and I like that.  I want the picture to be historical right away. -but that's just me. 

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