Reinventing the Wheel

Actually it seems to me that the US culture was long a semi fun anarchy of half controlled chaos.  I like Ayn Rand stories up to a point.  I'll tell you any day "Never believe in anything too much."  Strange how Ayn Rand philosophy isn't much countered by John Dos Passos, clinic or Upton Sinclair, treatment or Sinclair Lewis or even Larry McMurty stories.

I mean The Big Money ought to be as desired a movie as Atlas Shrugged.

Some of these truthful fiction stories are still just that: good stories.  Children have favorite stories they want to hear over and over.  We are all continually childlike in some regards so I guess this favorite story thing goes on throughout life and the culture regardless of its proper application in the present of real lives, mind stories in the making.

I and my editor put a little book I wrote out a couple of weeks ago.  Hey, it's fiction.  Stories like it happened, but it really isn't journalism.  I think I know what it is about and what it means, but I just wrote it in an attempt to write a story worth a read.  Glad I wrote it since I couldn't write it now.  It wouldn't capture the times and places now dim in my memory.  I love anarchy up to a point.  I don't like how it leads to loneliness if you take it too far.

The need for a strongman, executive leader, hero exists as a reality counter to idealism when time is short.  Somebody does in fact have to make some decisions as Captain of the Ship of State.  They do not always get good advice.  I am a vision holder who has made decisions, though most of them were simply about how I lived my life.  I've declared a Holiday, and two wars, and nobody seems to have noticed much, so I guess I'm semi OK.

April Fools is the national Holiday, and I declared war a few years ago on Asteroids, and proposed a Transcendian take over of Disneyland.  Once I take over Disneyland I'll get a Transcendian seat at the UN, like the Vatican has.

It does appear to me that it is now more realistic to make another nation than try to fix the US.  Transcendia is for the UN Specialized Agencies as good working bureaucracies.  The UN in Afghanistan is failing to fight for the core ideals of the Declaration of Human Rights regarding Women's Rights, which are rightfully the same as for men.  Frankly all the UN member nations ought to be as powerful as their treatment of women confirms their commitment to the ideal of women's rights.

This stance of mine as nation measurements, and value judgements is divorced from whether or not a nation is a so called Democracy, Monarchy, or Communist, Socialist or whatever State.

And Slavery is wrong too.  Wage Slavery is still slavery.  It's not right, and doesn't help us all be at peace getting food and entertainments.

I can't figure out why Reagan era economics are still being flogged when Clinton tax deals had the US in better shape?

This nostalgia for the Housing Industry goes right past me too, since I was looking forward to prices going down so I might buy a place at a correct price.  It's bad Japan econ class.  Overall round my neck of the woods I'd say the bankers and the buyers colluded in the greed game, so I'm not so forgiving with those that scream that their house isn't really worth what they committed to pay for it.

Skew now is that land will concentrate and rents go up so as to maintain and advance wage slavery which is really what the Oligarchies, Kleptocracies, and Corporations seem to prefer.

And damn, turns out it is one world.  Doctors know one sick guy and next thing yah know yah got a damn plague.

Hey, do I think weird or what! 

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