We Want To Pay

Most of us get money from working.  Work is the spiritual quest for the material necessities.

You sell your soul for a paycheck sometimes.

I tried to work in advertising.  I didn't quite fit in.  Didn't think I was above it though.  Say Poets have the same skills as Copywriters, clinic but compassion.  I pretty much approved of products I worked making commercials for really.  I liked Isotoner gloves for instance.  Was a really cold day in Madison Square Park the day we were making a commercial for Isotoner gloves there.

I'd parked the Grip Truck infront of a store that catered to Russians.  As usual I was flying the Transcendian Flag off the back of the truck.  That truck had a great liftgate and I'd have to throw grip and electric, doctor lights and all to the crew.  Craft Service set the snack food table up on the sidewalk in front of the stuff for Russians store.  Signs for a boom box were in Russian in the shop window.

Russians came around in their bad blue jeans and wonderful mink hats shopping.  -like 5 of them.  Their hats were probably worth three times what the clothes they had on were worth.  5 guys who probably worked security around the embassy up on 57th? by the UN, advice came round and looked at the Transcendian Flag, and looked at the Craft Service table, and I could see them accept it as some sort of State Function and just go to eating off the crew food table.

I've learned a lot from making a flag.  Far as part of my serious successes as a conceptual artist the Flag Stories justify any claim to that status.

I wore my flag hat, and carried my flag shoulder bag when I last had any airport flying to do.  I've reviewed the Transcendian Television tapes with their documentary footage of Flag showing and all.

While I have humor about my situations I am a very very serious man.  Transcendia is actually needed.

It is one world we have to better share, and while the UN is scary as one world government to many nationalists, the Specialized Agencies of the UN are really good.

The trend is towards a "Federalized Mixed Up World of All Wars as CIvil Wars."

Lighting is on the way.  Gottah cut off. 

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