Last 5 Jobs

I started working when I was 11.  I had been digging a bomb shelter in the garden, viagra 60mg and got hired by a neighbor old man to paint a house.  Painted the house with more and more watered latex paint for 30 dollars in 1963?

Then I went to delivering newspapers.

Later in Chicago I bagged groceries for a few weeks.  Took time to be educated for awhile.

Had some influential scholarship for poetry and movie making that set me on a career path.

Early far as those things I was an editor, photographer, and writer.

Picking things up and putting them down paid more cash.  Was paid money to protect Rochdale College when I went to Toronto to see what my options were far as what to do in the wartime.  I learned a lot about real enemies and all.

Did residential construction carpentry for a bit after.  Went to ROC with girlfriend and worked at stationary store warehouse, dog and cat killing care place, pizza shop, and camera store.  Sold cameras in GSO and ROC actually.

Wrote and photographed for small town newspapers.

Drew a bunch of pictures with crayons during heartbreak breakdown.  Was suicidal there for awhile till high up on building frame discovered I didn't want to fall and die from high up end rafter plank walk over cinderblock strewn landing potential.

Went to work fueling planes at Atlantic Aero when it was GSO, not PTL.

Stayed pretty much in Aviation Ground Services till 1987 when I moved to Manhattan and ran the Grip Truck.

Course I did write, and photograph.  Failed at my first photography business.

Sold some photos and fiction and postcards and did lightshows, and drove a taxi.

Sometimes picked cinderblocks up and put them down.  Did Day Labor whenever no other job in hand.

From 1987 to 1999 I worked as either a Film Technician or Stagehand, or actor, or model and then painted houses for six months.

After that I worked as a carpenter.

During that decade I was damaged by a long fall that broke my hip hand and pelvis.  Gave freelance calls away from the morphine bed.  Recovered and went back to carpentry with other options somehow lost.

Made up TV channel.  It didn't sell.

Transcendia was around from long back to 1983.

Can't walk today.

Was IATSE 491 for a good while, in gaffer and grip categories.

Now put out novella Homeless Dog.

Can't walk good anymore.

Only good from neck up really.

Speech to do.

Outlaw life sortah.

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