Letter For Congressman David Price/Working Class Corner

This letter is basically being written for US Congressman David Price

        Congressman Price represents the 4th District of North Carolina, where I currently live.

Dear Honorable US Congressman David Price,

        I think that the US Congress would be more practical if it offered a plan for Iraq and asked the President to support it, instead of asking the President and his administration for a plan.

        I am offering a plan through you.

        The slogun that explains this plan is:   PEACE MEANS POLICE.

        In the case of the Iraq War, the war was declared won.   The American Objective of getting Saddam Hussain out of office, and making sure he did not have control of nuclear weapons was achieved.

        At that time all US Armed Forces, ought to have been pulled out and Police been charged with keeping the peace.

        It is unfortunate that there is not really an effective international professional Constabulary uniformed and equipped to provide police services in Iraq.    Such a police force really ought to be formed by the United Nations and the Security Council.

       I have heard good things about the Costa Rician Paramilitary Police, which is distinct and unique in the world since they have no other armed forces.   The Costa Ricians I have asked about their police services have answered that they were very satisfied with their police services, and this would indicate that they are professional and have some ideals they are led by that produce approval and support for them by the common people.

       I suspect that the situation in Iraq calls for a police force similar to the Costa Rician Paramilitary Police Force, and I would ask for their participation in forming a Constabulary that would keep the peace in Iraq.

      That is the plan I would like to see offered up to the Bush Administration from the Congress.

       I am sorry that this plan is not very complicated in principle.   It will be interesting to discover and solve the complications of implementation.


       The laws that the International Constabular Force would be charged with enforcing ought to be very bare and simple.   I’ve seen To Serve and Protect written on the sides of some police cars, and I like the simplicity of that set of goals for police.

      Police corruption comes from their being charged with enforcing laws that do not fall into those categories but actually represent agendas of politicians who use laws they pass or maintain to corrupt the general mission of the police.

      In the United States the War on Drugs is an example of laws that the Police are charged with enforcing that corrupt their basic mission.

       Is the War In Afganistan won?

       If it is, then civilian rights there ought to be protected by the police.

       There is a big drug business there.

       When I was a Security Guard for Rochdale College in Toronto, I became familiar with hashish from Afganistan.   I can see how the uneducated might be willing to do violent and passionate things under the influence.   I came from an Episcopal religious training and practice and consider myself lucky my theology is basically fair no matter how stoned I get.

     So as far as laws are concerned that the international constabulary police force ought to be proud to enforce I think they ought to protect all who are working and having good manners about it, period.

     I am certain that the War On Terror would be more likely to succeed if the weapons smuggling conduits were cut from the drug smuggling conduits.

       Afghani farmers grow poppy and make hashish.

       We would all be safer if drug smugglers and weapons smugglers did not have an incentive to work together.

       That is a practical fact and international security forces that work together ought to be in favor of legalization of drugs so that they could focus on the real threats to the peace.

       Finally as far as laws that ought to be applied to people and organizations that do things like fly passenger jets into buildings I am looking to Maritime Law and the laws that are applied to pirates on the seas as most likely to be of a standard acceptable internationally and domestically.

      The recent assault on a cruise ship where a non-lethal sonic weapon and speed applied to escape the pirates is interesting and inspiring in that a non- lethal weapon was used successfully and it would be good in my opinion if everyone got one for those surprise attacks on the street when there are no police around to help you.

      I am glad that the last time I was attacked I was able to run.

      In that incident I ran into the street traffic to keep the crack addict attacker at a distance while he went for his gun.   It was the second time in my life I had the fortune of taxi traffic looking for a fare.

      In fact I have twice been saved by taxi cab drivers, and the police have shown up time and time again after I was already beaten or robbed.

      Maybe the world would be a better place if all police cars were for hire.

      Inside a big L5 Zone Space Ship it would be strange if the taxis and the police cars were not the same.

      So still Peace Means Police is the plan for signifying that a war is over.

      In all cases the International Constabulary Force must protect Infrastructure Workers first at the declaration of the end of a war.

      Please put forth this simple plan nationally and internationally.


                                                              Thanks, Russell Scott Day

301 Pleasant Dr.

Carrboro, NC transcendia.org 27510



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