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Harlem and the Bronx have infrastructure and all that I recommend, and I have been very uncomfortable there.

Why is it that a place could have all that government might provide, and still be terrible?

Of course some places have all that God might provide, and they are terrible.

When we are dead and know everything and are with God we don’t get to have sex and some of the things that make it really sad are that people think they will get virgins in heaven.

Now I admit that it might well be a very great thing to share the end of virginity with one person.

However it has been great to live as I have, and I did not marry and can barely remember the name of the girl I lost my virginity to.

In fact I can’t remember her name at all and can only remember the smell of her and picture her and the carpet on the floor of the bands van.

Now New York City is a place I have imagined cutting out of the planet and putting into outerspace.   Last time I was in Harlem the girl I went to see had to escort me out of the neighborhood explaining I would be robbed or killed etcetera if she did not help me get out of the neighborhood.

She lived on 116th Street.

It was on the West Side of Harlem, but she told me she lived on the Upper West Side before I got there.

My friend Anthony says that the Bronx is worse.

What is bad really is that with our private hells we can’t escape them on the streets in some neighborhoods because of our color.

I do happen to be White, but my life is the same as any working class person Black or White, but I am not so stupid as to not know that for me to be in Harlem or on the wrong end of Court St. in Brooklyn, it does not matter to the predators and my color is all the excuse they need to attack me.

The course of my life and the threats I have so far survived.

The Repulicans are certain that I have no control of the insurance companies which are going to make sure that they live longer than I do.

The Courts where I am subject might even recommend Courts in the Middle East run by people out to kill me.

At least over there it all ends up in one court, whereas where I live there are Courts after Court and then some Administrative entity that has secret laws ands secret numbers.

We could have 100 percent employment it someone answered the phone.

It would not matter if they actually knew anything.

Where I live I can easily pump my own gas.

However I cannot answer questions from a tape recorder with any result different from the questions of a rock.

Bill Clinton moved his office to Harlem.

He hired a Black Woman to answer the phone and say no about everything.

Bush is President and a Vatican Controlled Dry Drunk who is as dead as terrorists exploding in the expectation of physical rewards when they have no body.

God Bless the Morlocks!

I encourage young people to dig ditches for small subways.

                                                               Love, Russell  

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