Simple Sentences For Bush and Other Powerful People

Everyday is Trick or Treat!

       How will History see me is the question for powerful people.  Making laws is a mark of a powerful person.

       The Napoleanic Code is a legacy of Napolean that insures his rememberance, for instance, as an example for my definition of a powerful person.

        Napolean gave us war and laws.

        The Napoleanic Code is flawed because it is rigid.

        The wars Napolean fought seem to be wars for the sake of war.  He was a very good general and seems to have experimented with armies like a big time football coach.

       I say that it is not so important what decisions you make, as whether or not you can make them.   At least leaders make decisions when there are times that decisions are required.

      "It’s my plan, and I might change it!"   – Is what I say.

      In the current situation that the United States finds itself in due to the actions of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches that is another "Perfect Storm", there is some bit of hope since the United States has the option of asking for help for not even the UN is uncorrupted as far as Iraq is concerned, and the blunders of the United States are understandable in consideration of the corruption of the UN as far as the oil for food program.

       The Dutch won’t take me because I can’t talk Dutch, and the Canadians won’t take me because I don’t have 100 thousand dollars in the bank, so I am sort of stuck with my American citizenship at least till Transcendia has more than 8.75 in the Cafepress account.

      Andre` Lewin is undergoing Radiation treatments and I have asked him not to die.

      Therefore I have to say that I get no joy from the bad decisions of my President and the rest of the government that is both a burden and a blessing like a child.

      I have a lot in common with working people.   I am no aristocrat.   I drink beer and work from payday to payday and as much heavan on earth I expect to get is enough money to recover over the weekends so I can withstand doing it for another week.

      Gephardt made a speech endorsing the International Minimum Wage.

      If we want work more than war all leaders of the world need to get the World Bank to issue a formula that sustains the income that facilates what we know as Peace.

       We are all little leaders in our own right and we ought to know what is required physically and intellectually to make what we want and need.

       "Work is the spiritual quest for the material necessities." – Is what I say.

       I have a lot in common with the working classes of Iraq.

       or Iran for that matter, and in China, or in England.

       Here where I live I work with so many Mexicans that I resent the Spainish Aristocracy that sells out its citizens to depress wages for people like me so much so that peasantry will soon be the North American norm.

      I am an anarchist, but I still believe in Roberts Rules of Order for business meetings and I find no conflict with my anarchy there because real anarchy is practical and eclectic.

      It was obvious that without the support of the international community that the War in Iraq would turn out as it has.

      It does not do the world of workers any good now to let the war there go on as it is going on.

      Workers in Iraq who are skilled in maintainace and creation of infrastructure need protection more than politicians, and I suppose that they would do more good as protected by the armed forces of the world, than as politicians, and be grateful for the protection.

      What would Confuscious say?

       I think that Confuscious and Jesus would make the same recommendations.

       Whatever you do publicly and privately must come from love for yourself and others to be a good idea.

       Iraq is the major war going on now, though there are a number of other wars going on.

       I imagine that there are warriors in Iraq that would rather fight in Sudan than where they are as a simple change of scenery and a chance to do something clearly helpful.

       For some the work of their destiny and God given soul is to be soldiers and warriors but at its height it comes to be simple police work that is constant.

      In all past wars those who have fought each other have later been allies and the war ineviably a mystery for those who actually fought it.

      This is what Tolsoy meant in War and Peace.

      There are leaders in the world who have power and do need to come together to protect their people out of love and respect for their mothers and fathers irrespective of any national boundaries.

      All weapons need to be taxed to create an international constabulary that protects workers from those that want to steal from them the integrity of their lives.

      Over the next 20 months the United Nations and the EU must stand up and get China and the US to come to economic agreements that protect workers from explotations unseemly for civilizations.

      The international community must build a Great Wall made of nanotubes run on light to protect workers from rocks from heavan.

      As far as Iraq is concerned the international community needs to recognize that the destruction of the United States has happened and it is a threat to them that requires more than condemnation and self satisfied drift.

       The fact is that without a transnational peacekeeping force as all on the planet are interdependent and no one really has privacy humanity will insure its doom because its focus on itself will insure it will be hit by a big rock while it squabbles over beliefs that are not facts.

      The fact is that humanity does not have to be stupid and brutal.

                                                         Love- Russell  




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