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      If you work and you pay taxes you really ought to get the same things that people who do not work but just have money get.

      Really it is insane of the world to think that the US is the richest nation in the world and all that when the US throws people away the same as if its citizens were toilet paper used to clean the asses of the rich.

      For the Mexicans it is a better place apparently which makes a vacation in Mexico apparently attractive for temporaily richer working classes.

      Canadians and Mexicans have a big stake in what happens in the US.

      I failed to get Russia as a State for the US as a resolution of the Cold War to balance the rise of China.   As an alternative wisdom I reccommend now that Canada and Mexico and the US come together with a plan and policy platform to counter the assault of China and extend to Chinese workers the rights and benefits that Canadians get, since you don’t see many Canadians trying to become Mexican or American.

      The international minimum wage is an important set of numbers to set.

                                                               Best, Russell

P.S. Economist who read this ought to work on figuring out the pro-rated numbers that factor all costs for all production.



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