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Mother Father God Brothers and Sisters, anesthetist

animals and plants and where we are:

What we find is natural, ailment and what we create is artificial, anabolics or unnatural.

In the natural state where the largest and strongest who have the most potential power to hurt others to extend their desires and will the equality of the situation is the shared location and a reality of needs that restrains destruction of the weaker of the cohabititants.

The point of politics is to artificially create equality from the natural reality that  is innate and real as a goal of human creatures.

All life naturally aspires to equality or even dominance of all other life whether it is conscious or not.

When there is one dominate power or one powerful individual that individual person, human can be overwhelmed by a group.   Few men can overcome in a fight three men.

Politics then is for the leader to get the three men to attack another instead of him.

There is much inbetween the attack, but since the end of politics is violence I am defining the science of politics in the extremes to achieve some simplicity.

Politics at their best unite mankind to attack threats of nature.

It is the end of the hunter gatherer at the same time it is known whether or not you believe in intelligent design that the natural world which has laws of probiblity and power which will never be, or ought to be in the hands of one man is a greater power than what man can create.

The attack on nature for the defense of nature is the legitimate work for the politician.

In the past some of the attack has been war on other humans that was justified, and may again be justified when those humans who have bad ideas build things as a result of bad ideas, or kill people who have good ideas.

The overall struggle for mankind is with the environment that is really more hostile than mankind has the power to be excepting its understanding how to make a nuclear bomb which is really not that threatening to the universe.

The universe is blowing up all the time as a natural state of affairs so much that cold is as powerful as heat and where it all came from is a mystery of the cold as much as the heat.

The invention of sports by mankind is evidence of the worth of mankind and an inbetween bridge to the possiblity of successful politics.

It is interesting that the nautical title Captain is used in sports.

You have the Captain of the Team which has a meaning nearly genetically understood.

Now it is known that Earth is essentially a natural space ship.

Therefore it would follow that if mankind is to survive the politics to use would be the same politics that have accomplished successful voyages.

A great voyage of a great cruise ship is the aim of politics as a science by my definitition.

How it is that a great ship is run for the benefit of all on it is something to know and implement and something that known would illustrate why the Coast Guard of the US was the most sucessful part of the US Government in the past Katrina disaster.


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