Mean & Angry/Working Class Corner

Mean & Angry/Working Class Corner

     Bernard Shaw said there were two things in a mans life: Politics and Women.

     Is this too simplistic?

     Is it the Great Man that makes history? – or does history make the Great Man?

     What system of international political operations would overcome the conflict with those that want to change the world for the better or worse, better than the system we have now?

      No system invented shall have perfect success if the spirit of it is not more understood and accepted and drives the system more than the system drives the spirit of it.

      The interactions of systems in outerspace and the one we are in that we call the Solar System are naturally violent.

       Even beneath our feet on the most peaceful of days the insects are at war.

       I am inclined myself to accept that no system I or my brothers might invent can overcome the natural violence associated with this life, or anyother life.

       Still I can imagine a Utopia, a heavan on Earth.

       – this would be a place where war never went beyond fist fights or sporting events for many.

        We know people who live in this sort of world and some of us may look down on the people whose focus of violence in their world, that is natural, is sports.

       This snobbery comes about because obviously serious people do not see that anything is really won.

       Serious people know that if the Islamic Soccer Team, beat the Christian Soccer Team, that would not mean that automatically the Christians would have to become Muslems.

       Serious people have a lot to learn from sports fans and those that play sports since sports fans and players in general accept the rules of their games in a way that if warriors fought their wars would serve to make war more sporting.

      Winning a nice Trophy and some money according to the rules of war, would be a better thing than destruction of the game.

       Part of war has been and will be won or lost according to its allowance of new weapons to play the game with.

       This makes it a very difficult game to play, and ideally we as a group would change this difficulty that exposes the worst of us, which is inherently understood as something bad within us without any need of any God.

      It is the ethical athiest who loves sports and plays by the rules who could be argued to more prove the divinity of man, than the man that feels his prayers are answered by God in the form of new weapons with which to win a war.

      Since it is that war exists, and war has clear similarities to sports, and it is better to love sports and participate in sports more than it is to love war, and participate in war, our most realistic goal would be to make war more like sports.

      This calls for the outlawing of some of the things war could be played with.

      In all sports there are those that will break the rules.

      Obviously the motive for breaking the rules is to win.

      Losing a war has greater consequences than losing a game of baseball so much so that it calls for a very powerful and wise Umpire.

       The Umpire of War would be called on to actually kill those who do not accept the rules of war.

       I am imagining that Weapons of Mass Destruction were against the rules of war and that simply having them was reason enough for you to be killed.

      In the real world imagine a tax on weapons that supported the War Umpires who enforced the rules of war.

      Such warriors who killed other men to keep the game clean would be great lovers of mankind and their own class in my opinion.

       Certainly being a soldier is a working class job.

       It is a lucky soldier who fights for the right cause.

       He then joins with the warriors who always fight out of love, and never fight simply because they are afraid not to fight.

       It did not bother me much to get beaten up fighting for others.   I did not suffer much of the victimhood syndrome because I got hurt defending someone else.

      When I got beat up for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time I really trashed my life all on my own.

      I got mean and angry to those that I loved.

      So then in order to feel better about what I get beat up for I have learned to think of ways to start trouble as an antidote to victimhood, and therefore propose for my class the forming of an army that extorts money from weapons manufactures to fund a war on weapons that make their weapons obsolete.

      Gun manufactures really ought to pay me and my fellows to kill people who keep nuclear and biological weapons since I and my fellows would have to buy guns from them since we have no use for atom bombs and the like.

      I am becoming more like the great man the more I am convinced of the worthy warrior war ethical proactive killing spree in pursuit of a utopian war intended to make war more sportsman like, don’t you think?

      I feel less angry and mean for thinking of it all this way.


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