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Working Class Corner/Failure

      The only reason I put up with failure is so I can own my successes as well.

        The justification of the War in Iraq was that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and would use them.

        Evidence was that he had used Chemical Weapons on the Kurds when he got them.

        Such evidence that he has been convicted of would sensibly imply that if he had a nuclear weapon he might well use that as well.

        Let us never mind where he got his chemicals for his chemical weapons, which are illegial.

        I can’t remember if it was Cheny or Ashcroft that sold President Hussein the chemicals for his weapons.

        I can’t remember all the details of the war between Iraq and Iran.

        Seems I do remember that Iraq used Chemical Weapons on Iranians.

        At any rate I am convinced that I cannot trust nuclear bombs and chemical weapons to not be used.

        The evidence is that nuclear weapons were used and that chemical weapons were used in the past.

        Therefore the sensible person would conclude that as long as these weapons exist, they will be used.

        Realistically you had better face that if these weapons exist the possiblity of their being used is 100 percent.

        As an organized species with the ability to understand this fact as a group in total through either pictures or written word or tv or radio I do think it would be possible that people who have weapons of mass destruction could be made to understand that they are threatened for having them.

       What if Ban Ki Moon assended to the office of Secretary General and declared war on Humanity Destruction Devices and started having people killed who had Nuclear Bombs and their like?

       It is a good thing that the UN is so hobbled and bureacratica.   -at least for the powerful.

       We got French food out of the 50 year long War of Roses my wife says.   We are having an arguement about what weapon was invented for that war.

       I need to return to the war prevention or regulation system invention that I am working on.

       Actually I need to explain basically over and over the wisdom of Andre` Lewin’s points.

        One thing he did endorse was the individual speaker at the General Assembly of the UN.

        I would be willing to make a stab at it around 4 PM most any day.







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