My Back Hurts and I have a Headache

My Back Hurts and I have a Headache and I refused to pay the bill to Time Warner because I might die before I get to watch their TV programs and the President Tom Baxter hasn’t called.

I’ve been thinking what a fortune I could make off the to code satellite tower I could make with my friend Bill to fill the niche of the loophole that confronts law abiding television watchers who are in the shadows and evening owning their condos have to buy cable unless they want to fight with all their neighbors who have the power to bother them.

Seems to me as if I am subsidizing the world. Real estate to Japan is Healthcare to the United States, and France and Holland seem to at least think a doctor ought to be coming around when you are sick.

We all had a nice time last night but Pam made me say that the thieves that stole the money in l929 were like the thieves today.

I told her daughter that Jesus came back as a clone and lots of people believe in things that aren’t true.

Nancy Alex said that it was okay for me to interfere with the commercialization of youth by saying such things. She says that thinking imaginatively and creatively is something children ought to be given permission to do.

There is someway to understand the story of humanity if you have humor and imagination. Physicists tell us that the universe will get colder and colder.

I have a terrible headache.

I want to know what Larry McMurtry thinks about all the wars. I want to know what Larry thinks of William James. I want to know if the President has read Larry McMurtry books, and what he learned from them.

As far as the death penalty, I do not think it is ethical to kill those who are defenseless. In a strong way the executions confirm the right of the murderer to murder in their own interests no matter how stupid they may be.

A cat jumped into our car last night and came home with us. We have named it William James though we would be happy to give it back to whomever it came from since we have 7 cats.

Ask for United Nations Television from your TV provider.
I’m signing off now.
I have a terrible headache


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