Time Warner is wasting my time

Time Warner is wasting my time and IF I haVE TO BUILD A TOWER ON THE DECK TO GET SATELLITE. iT HARDLY RAINS OR SNOWS HERE ANYMORE AND WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF WATER ALL OVER. in nORTH cAROLINA I USED TO DEPEND ON RAIN EVERY FIVE DAYS. Ports make noise in the landlocked areas. Idiots want too quiet towns.

I’d never make a good Quaker.

I love the Quakers. The Society of Friends and the Episcopalians are my favorites combined with the Confusion Chingist and William James sort of thinking. What William James Thought of Grant is to be found out, but I want to know.

I’m big in China. Transcendia is apparently known in China, and I am very happy about that and Nancy Alex and I are going to send video and whatever else to someone in China next time we get to it.

The guy that was writing from Africa seemed to have a scam going on. If he orders a T Shirt, I’ll think about it.

Fuck movies for the blind exists and Nancy Alex gave a copy of this 53 minute thing we made to a friend of hers. I was shocked but then I remembered why I married her. She was doing things before I met her.

Lynn Costintini who is the Vice President of Programing at Time Warner Cable in Stamford Connecticut didn’t call me back about United Nations Television and they cut off my cable today. If Tom Baxter doesn’t call me and adjust my bill, I’m getting satellite.

To get a satellite I will have to build a tower on the deck.

The Condo Authority can force me to do that, go to such extreme measures because there is a loophole in Federal Law that has something to do with how women as a general rule don’t like to look at anything that is a permanent tool stuck there.

We are in a satellite shadow.

Our roof is common area and the Condo people have a codicil that says we can’t put a satellite dish on the roof that is Federally OK. In my world this is patently unfair and probably a violation of my first amendment rights since the people on the other side of the condo building can just put the dish on their deck or window rail since that is not a common area.

Now the next common area that might take my dish is too far away to provide proper signal because if line lose according to the technician. So if I don’t want to talk to anymore petty tyrant feminine esthetically manipulated wimps, if I want a satellite feed to my TV, I have to build or buy a radio tower for or on the deck which we have control of.

What is the lesson here?

Technology might change and leave you in the wrong place.

People who live according to the laws, subsidize those that don’t, or are give an advantage unfairly since if I want good TV on my side of the building I am forced to pay twice as much as the people on the otherside of the building since I haven’t built a tower yet.

On top of all of my problems with getting a television signal is that Time Warner wants me to pay for a signal that I may die before I get. Why the hell should I pay them a month in advance when I might die tomorrow is beyond me and I just will not do it.

The intellectual landscape that I perceive from my conversations with people at Time Warner about my a bill and whatever problems I’ve had with them have convinced me that if the President Tom Baxter doesn’t call me and adjust my bill and change the getgo debt, I will get their cable out of my house and build a tower.

I live in North Carolina where they tax papers from New York.

Russell Scott Day

Russell Scott Day
I’ve been fighting about the television service here at the house on the cable and about satellite here for months.

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