My Fashion Advice for Women

Whatever you’ve got wrap it up tight.

That is my fashion advice to women.

What is the most attractive thing about a woman?



I have been allowed somehow to control my own innocence.

It faded away to my now that is running out.

My teeth break into my food and I have stopped eating candy.

I used to be middleclass.

My side lost the war and the wars and moderation is denied us.

I believe in good humor as the pivot of health,

But know it is expensive.

Every person who lives off inherited money,

The Interest Paid by Banks to People Who Simply Have Money,

Would be required to perform Stand Up Comedy in my Country.


Read Round The Bend by Nevil Shute….


          I want every Pilot and Poet in the World to write to me about what I am wrong about.

I want to know pilots that have flown Pigs to know, that if they dropped dead, or wanted a sandwich, I could fly the plane and talk on the radio without crashing the thing or pissing off the controller.

       Oh God the Joy of a Regular Job, and knowing when you don’t have to work!

       I highly recommend a hobby to the Working Classes.    Really I do!

       Still I don’t think the Osprey very good.

       I never flew an Ultralight.   A Tomahawk was scary enough.

       This is my fashion advice!

        I think I drifted.

        To the point I recommend Star Trek fitting sorts of clothes since I have noticed in the recent heat that it is uncomfortable to have the sweat hang temperature weird thing going on and I look forward to a mindfuck fall.


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