National Holiday Speech 2008

Happy April Fools!

    If this one turns out successfully, I shall have redeemed myself a bit for not giving more speeches.   We do hope to have a demonstration of the demonstration of the Transcendian Pro Active Civil Demonstration.   This is the Message Rocket Program.

     The prior Transcendian Clown Corp traveling in Balloons bombing enemy nations with flowers, was scrapped as more likely to start a war, than end one, since I determined it was a certainty in the clowns would be shot down over humor deprived ground, and counterproductive.

     The tradition of the March, and Marching for a cause is tried and true, but I don’t want to march very far at least, anymore.   Back in the late 60s of Chicago I did go on some really interesting marches and to some very interesting meetings and speechs and discussion groups.   I was privelged to participate in a round with Fred Hampton, the Black Panther and Obama’s Campagin has made me remember what Chicago politics feel like.

      Chicago is a tough town.   It’s very real.   You make an enemy and a friend everytime you speak or move.   I did alright there.   I could probably go back and work, but it sure is cold.   Last time I went there I knew where I was going and rode the bus so I could carry my 38 pistol in my bag.   I just did it as a precaution since I know Chicago.

      The gun was helpful in diffusing the situation with the guy with the knife.

      Guns are a lot of work.

      When I was traveling and with my friends carrying around a 38 Pucara Revolver in my luggage, along with my primative Smith Corona 9050 Word Processor, I always told them where it was and that it was loaded.

       That last trip to Chicago went on for awhile.

       I used to work in Show Business, which is sort of like being a soldier called up and then used in service, and then let go to sink or swim til the next job comes up.   I worked with independents and unions and being accepted into the Union, IATSE was a certification for me, since I learned how to do the job in the streets.

       The Boy Scouts and knowing how to drive were determining factors in how my life has turned out.   They say your best working years are between 35 and 55, and since I turned 55 last year, I’ve been under pressure to make something from my work over that period.

      Hence I made up this tension and stress for myself this April Fools.

      It is right and good to do so for yourself now and then!

      You know Armies March, Armies launch rockets.   Then there is the Space Program and NASA.   The US and Russia, the Soviet Union and their peoples can say, "My Past, is your Future."

       We are living with a lot of real fools who have more power than us Working Class people can afford.   I’d like to hear that all of the Unions in the world were for banning the bomb from all international public or privately held arsenals.   We have a collective right to ask for that.

       There have always been wars, and there will always be wars of one sort or another, but we are at least advanced enough to control the weapons allowed or available.   The Japanese once outlawed firearms for 200 years for instance.   Such things are proven to be possible.

      Of course we need to invent a World Government to outlaw effectively all weapons of mass destruction.   Some people just go nuts over that idea.   I myself have so little sovernity that I’m not to upset about the concept.   I’m like the Little Mouse that Roared.

      I bought Dr. Strangelove at the grocery store last week and watched it again.   I’ll bet it was big in Russia back in the day.   I hope they put it on UNTV every now and then, along with The Battle of Algers, and China Syndrome.

       I’ve done a big study of mature alternative energy options and it looks like the Asura system of Fresnel Mirror lens thermal energy system is the one to endorse for the Grid.   In the future every young urbanite will carry with them a rechargable lithium ion batterypack to run the tools of survival in the modern urban landscape.   – What do they use for the Taser guns?   I’ve forgot.

      I hear they have a real pistol on the space station.

      It is April Fools!

      It is unfortunate I have no Charisma.   I have to work at being funny.   I remember when I did Stand-Up comedy.

      Instead of taking the job I was offered I took off looking for something better.   David Letterman asked for a tape and rejected me and I gave it up for Politics!

      You know you can’t escape politics, but you have to have a sense of humor to enjoy life.   Even Athiests secretly pray.  You just can’t help it, being irrational now and then, or even at your core.

      But never believe in anything too much, never be inflexible in your mind about things.   It is like how you ought to be always certain about some things.   Both admonishions are true.

      Fact is facts change.

      Some laws need to be taken off the books, or changed, and some laws need to be revived, and others need to be made up.

      A good King is a Good thing, Tried and True, and nothing new.   Up with Butan!   Bhutan!   (whatever.)   What a hoot it would be if Michelle divorced Obama and Hillary divorced Bill and they got married and ran as a real personal and public "Change".   The idea inspires me to get along with my wife.

     Would be a hoot though.

      Anyway back to the important stuff of Wars and Work.

      It is all the same, though the toolbox is differant.

      It is all the same because the toolbox is the same.

      I really am for getting that pistol replaced by as most lethal, a taser on the Space Station.   – But then we would have to limit the blade on a knife, since everyone needs a knife.

       When would they need a long knife on the space station?   Has there ever been an incident in space when a sword was needed?   The gun is there in case someone goes crazy and the Captain has to shoot them.   Wow.   That is a quintessenel sort of Hollywood Movie where everything makes sense which reminds me of Stop Making Sense, by David Byrne.

        Another thing I think the world is foolish about is the Drug War.   Transcendia will never agree to be a part of the UN as a member as long as the UN endorses the Drug War.   Afganistan has a right to sell the Opium to the Drug Companies.   It is what they produce.   Get over it.

       I myself love Hashish, though I haven’t had any for over 10 years now.

       I really miss it.

       There was alot around that year Carter kept Americans out of the Olympics.   My brother had to become a Sculptor because of that.   He was poised to make a real showing that year at the Olympics.

       It would be good if the Politicians got out of the way of the Games this year.   China is an old civilization.   I myself as part of my Spiritual Practice am cleaved to the I Ching.   The other book is The Bible, but it is all dependent on what The Readings for The Day are.

      I agree with the Human Rights Attorney of Canada on this.   It was impressive to hear a Canadian speak in a definitely combative way.   If I had a 100 thousand dollars in the bank I hear they will let me become a Canadian.

      I don’t want to become a Mexican since they all want to become Americans, and you can’t carry a gun in Mexico, and I can’t speak Spainish.   I do think for me and my family it would be good if Canada and the United States and Mexico merged and raised up the working class experience of life in this time of threat to the working people of China and Mexico, and the US and Canada.

      Them Canadians are usually very polite, though I never have been to Montreal.

       The Candians took away the NC Film Business since in Vancouver you can get hash and pot and work without trouble more than in Amsterdam.

       The Damn Drug War has really insidiously eaten the heart out of Democracy or some generally shared civilization.

       My rap poem lyric Prohibition is about that.   As a songwriter I aspire to hear JB of Kerblocki do it, or maybe Bob Dylan.   It helped my mood that Riahannon Jones did my lyric You Failed me Completely.

       Lets be Cheery/ It’s April Fools.

       The demonstration of the demonstration is intended to be tried inbetween Isreal and Palistine.

       Little Estes type cardboard rockets launched back and forth for awhile with messages of peace or about work on, or in them.

       As a group, we do have some luxury problems.

       And then again we had better solve some problems or we will have no hope of problems at all.

       The War between ourselves is a threat to our war with nature.

       And Unless We get it together, we will be soon wiped out, as were the Dinosours.

        It would be funny, if it wasn’t funny.

        April Fools Unite!

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