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    I’m sort of stuck living here in the US and subjected to a multiplicity of mental insults.  The recent Democratic Party Presidential Campaign for the Party nomination is one.   The other is the finished up and settled nominee.

     I wonder if I was a child who I would look up to?

     I remember being an 11 year old paperboy when Goldwater and Johnson were running.   Mr. Johnson landed in a Helicopter at Elon College and signed an autograph on a program for me.   Mr. Johnson really knew how to campaign.   He was a real politician who escued buses for helicopters.   The Republicans have not forgotten that he was capable of even buying votes on the border.

      My crook is better than your crook is what politics is really about.   You’ve only got one life is something they prove.   They don’t really know more than you do is an amazement to me.

      We need a good test to give to Candidates that replicates the tests we give children to get out of High School, more than the tests we give to children to get out of High School.   High School is more dangerous than it ought to be, just like life.

     What is the main responsiblity of a government?

     What is the second to the main responsiblity of a government?

     My answer to the first question is Defense.   My answer to the second is Education.   Mr. McCain could actually beat Hillary Clinton since if she gets the nomination by lieu of the Super Delegate factor, the Democratic Party will demonstrate more of the same regardless of the rhetoric.

      Mr. Obama has bent over backwards to be respectful of her, and she seems to become more and more rabid.   Whereas Mr. Clinton had the touch for elective office, she does not really have that.   The tragic comedy of her life in power is that she ought to have been appointed, instead of there as the wife.

      Certainly I admire anyone who has the courage to run for elective office in the US or anywhere else there is a tradition of Free Speech.   As the Ethical Heckler I am painfully aware that I don’t want people to really know everything about me, and have not run for anything because of that.

     I am not without flaws.

     I am an outsider.

     It will be a tragedy for the working class if McCain wins.   Not because he is wrong about everything, but because his and Clintons ways of getting things done are failed.

      I think that Mr. Obama and Mr. Richardson as President and Vice President would be the best thing that could happen as far as the US are concerned.   Ms. Clinton is a contender, and it is sad that she is not as respectful of the rest of us and is determined to betray us and shows her real alliegiance to a monied powerful aristocracy that on her and her husbands watch laid the foundation for this endgame mess.

     Mr. Gore needs now to make a stand.   He’s got his Oscar.

     "Hollywood, you are my neighborhood."   – Steely Dan

     Mr. Carter has certainly begged off and let me down, but now Mr. Gore is charged to pull him along and get this big problem of who is to have the most power at least moved in the right direction.

      The Democratic Party needs to really pass the job titles out at least as propects appropriate to the people willing to suffer the fame and failure.   They need to put their egos aside for once and for all right now and tear into the Republicians with all they have as a united group of adults who clearly understand this is a make or break time for the fortunes of the nation, if not the rest of the world.



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