Speech Report/Transcendia April Fools

April Fools Speech & Rocket Launch Report

by Russell Scott Day

    Well, I don’t know if I got any press coverage or not yet myself so I have to report on myself as I had to demonstrate the demonstration.

    The perfect campaign involves co-ordinated radio, tv, press presence, but I am not conducting the perfect campaign right now, though I have in the past and therefore know the difference.

      It was not my job to take pictures or video of the speech and rocket launch.

      I only produced the rocket launch and wrote the speech and gave it to a number of humans.   I actually had more audience than I did when I gave my speech in Dag Hammerskold Plaza.

      The audience in NYC for the Flag Speech was extremely loyal though.

      At anyway I was pleased that April Fools was more established as a legitmate holiday since Jim said I must do the same thing there next April Fools.

When making up and founding a country one must create an important holiday.   If I succeed in making April Fools and International Card and Rocket Speech Holiday, I will succeed as an Artist of Political Science.

Imagine hiring me.   I am available to give a speech, though I have spent all the money I have this year to produce one, and therefore need for you to hire me to give another.

I was glad that the speech was more perfect given, than as written.

To all the people who attended the April Fools Speech & Rocket Launch, I am very grateful.

To those who may want to become Transcendians, you can always launch a rocket with Transcendia written on it to really feel like one.  


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